Another "Bloodties" story -- except with one difference, this is a Nick tale.

Now, usually, Nick doesn't inspire me to any sort of erotic writing <g>, but this was for a special occasion -- the birthday of a good friend, who also just happens to be a Dark Knightie. So, for her birthday present, I wrote this story. She kindly agreed to let me share it.

Nick belongs to TPTB, Sarah belongs to me, amongst others.

Explicit sex

It's My Party

by Altariel

c 1998

Sarah looked over the gifts that her family had given her for her birthday. Even with the destruction all around, they had still somehow managed to make this a very happy day. She had even been able to forget, for a little while, that war raged all around them and that only their isolation had so far kept them from direct harm. Now, the day was almost over, but she was going to hold onto that feeling of happiness for just a while longer.

Her only regret was that she had no idea where Nick and Connor were, or even if they were okay. Connor was off in Europe somewhere as far as she knew, trying to help where he could. Nick -- who knew? He had stayed here at the Keep for a few months, but had been unable to handle living with LaCroix and Methos; no matter how large the living space.

Sometimes she wondered how LaCroix and Methos managed the delicate balancing act that they did. Two very dominate males in one household, each taking responsibility for the defense and succor of the Keep and the people inhabiting it. Maybe because they were so ancient? That they had a bond that was thousands of years old? She truly didn't know.

She sighed. However they managed it, it certainly hadn't worked for Nick. She despaired that it would never work -- not for Nick -- not for the two of them as part of a family. The times Connor was here, it all seemed to work. He didn't resent Sarah her other lovers, not even Nick; though he had been insufferably rude to Connor on their last meeting.

But Nick couldn't accept that she didn't pine away for him during his long absences -- that she had ties that were as important to her as he was. He wasn't willing to make the compromises necessary to live here with her, and she wasn't willing to leave with him. She wouldn't give up her family. Not even for him.

She picked up the very sheer negligee that Triona had given her. Where on earth had she found such a thing? she wondered as she looked at the sheer, green silk confection, the only opaque parts being the burned out velvet leaves that were scattered very far apart over it's full length.

Gazing off into space, she ran the material through her fingers. The cool of silk, the warmth of velvet, slithered across and through her fingertips, reminding her of happier times and places. Maybe she had been too hasty in turning down Methos' & Triona's invitation to come back to their rooms to continue the celebration, but at the time she had just wanted to be alone to think, to take in the joy of the day. 

An hour later, showered and clad in her new gown, Sarah made her way to bed, only to halt abruptly in the doorway at the site of someone sitting in the chair next to the fire. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the near dark before realizing that the figure was Nick.

"Nick?" she barely whispered. He stood up, smiling a little as she drew closer. "Where have you been? I've been so worried." She noted with concern the haggard lines of stress and sorrow that etched his face. He look so tired.

"I could say I've been to hell, but that would be cliché, wouldn't it?"  She began to speak, but he waved her to silence. "That's a conversation for another time."

He looked her up and down, an appreciative gleam in his eye. "That looks incredible on you."

She blushed under the frank and intimate perusal. "It was a birthday gift from Triona."

"Remind me to thank her," Nick whispered, his voice a little rough. He looked at her, his eyes full of warmth.  "I don't have anything for you, but maybe you would let me make it up to you?"

He had moved to stand directly in front of her, his body barely touching hers, his nearness sending little sparks of feeling all over her body. She shivered -- it had been so long, but was it worth it? Could she let him in her bed knowing that within weeks, maybe even days,  he would be gone again?

His fingers tangled in her long, dark hair and she leaned back against his hand, watching him. Nick took her silence as assent, bending his head to her throat, kissing the warm beat of her pulse, feeling it speed up at his attentions.

She closed her eyes, letting him caress her, letting herself feel, her decision made. She would deal with the morning when it came. But for now, it was her birthday, and Nick would make a fine present.

He scooped Sarah into his arms carrying her to her bed and gently placing her on her feet. "As good as you look in that gown," he grinned as he softly moved one strap off her shoulder, "I'm sure you'll look better out of it."

She pulled away from the hands that were attempting to undress her. "I think you're forgetting something, Nick." She swallowed a smile at his look of confusion. "It's *my* birthday, and you are supposed to be *my* present. So," she sat on the bed, reclining against the pillows, "I suggest you relieve yourself of your clothing." She raised an imperious brow. How does LaCroix manage to do that so easily? "Now," she commanded.

He grinned in amused startlement. "Very well. Your wish is my command!" He made a florid bow in her direction.

"You better believe it is," she told him sweetly. "Now, get on with it. I'm getting bored." Sarah buffed her nails against her negligee and looked at them with seeming fascination as she waited for Nick to comply with her wishes.

He began to unbutton his shirt. "Anything else, Milady?"

She considered a moment, wondering just how far she could push him. "I wouldn't mind a beer. There should be one in the ice chest in the sitting room."  She went back to examining her nails, as if she fully expected him to do as she asked.

He threw his shirt aside and looked at her speculatively. "This 'Lady of the Manor' thing has really gone to your head, hasn't it?"

"May I remind you that *you* came to me, and not the other way around," Sarah replied frostily.

"True. But tell me, do you make a habit of ordering Methos and LaCroix around like this?" Nick asked, half annoyed, half amused.

"They wouldn't be in the position to deserve it, now would they?" she asked archly.

"Touché, my love, touché." With that, he relented, deciding to play along. It wouldn't hurt to humor Sarah just this once, after all.

Within moments he was back with the requested beer, which she indicated he should place on the bedside table, making no move to actually drink it. Her look dared him to say anything.

"I believe you were supposed to be undressing?" she reminded him coolly.

"Oh, yes. Of course." He moved to his belt, slowly undoing it, before moving to the button on his slacks.

She watched avidly as he slowly drew down the zipper and slid them down over his slim hips. He kicked them off to land in a heap next to his shirt. His briefs soon followed, leaving him naked to her hungry gaze.

At her sharp intake of breath, he asked, "Do you approve?"

Sarah picked up the glass of beer that Nick had brought and sipped it nonchalantly as if she were trying to decide on an answer to his question. She looked at him over the top of the glass. "Oh, you'll do." A grin pulled at the corner of her mouth.

"I'm so glad to hear it." He leaned over, taking the glass from her hands and setting it down. Placing a hand on either side of her, he leaned over her. "I'm tired of playing. How about you?" He didn't wait for an answer, catching her lips in a deep kiss.

In reply, her hands linked around Nick's neck, pulling him down to the bed next to her.  She pushed on his shoulder -- away from her, and onto his back. Straddling him, she lowered her lips to his, kissing him hungrily.

His hands grasped her just under her breasts, the feel of his cool fingers through the silk setting her afire. She moaned as his thumbs found her nipples, the alternating feel of silk and velvet against the sensitive flesh sending shockwaves of pleasure across her body.

Nick moved his hands to her thighs, finding the edge of her negligee and slowly sliding it up over her hips, pushing her body up with his hands as they reached her ribcage and quickly pulling it over her head. He tossed the length of silk aside, never taking his eyes off her pale form. Her dark hair hung like a cloak around her shoulders and over her breasts.

"I've missed you."

She bit back her initial response. No, there would be time for that later. She settled for a nod before lowering her head to take his lips in hers, kissing him hard, hungrily pushing his mouth open to deepen the kiss. His moan was soon matched by hers as she felt his fangs extend, the points grazing the inside of her lip.

Pulling away enough to look at him, she smiling lazily at the site of his already gold eyes looking back at her. "In a rush are we?" She ran a hand down between their bodies, stroking his already erect length with her fingertips, feeling it grow harder at her touch. "We really are, aren't we?" she asked, grinning wickedly.

Nick's reply was to shift his weight, flipping her onto her back, pinning her under him. This time it was his hand that stroked her, sliding through her wet heat. "It doesn't seem like you have any problem with that," he half growled, a wicked grin curving his lips this time as she whimpered under his deft touch.

"Please, Nick!" she gasped.

He needed no second urging, this -- tonight -- had been what kept him sane through the darkest hours of the last ruinous months. It had been so long since they had been together; but their bodies hadn't forgotten. Nick slid into her easily, swift and sure, until their flesh became almost as one.

She sighed from deep down at the sweet, familiar, feel of him on her and in her. As he began to move she dug her fingers into his shoulders, meeting his long, hard thrusts with equal fervor. Neither was in the mood for slow and languorous tonight, their building passion twining together, needing release in a hot, quick fire.

Nick's lips moved from Sarah's lips to her throat. She arched against him as the tips of his fangs ran along the sensitive skin. His pace increased in urgency, his growls sounding counterpoint to her small gasps and cries. With an almost animal howl, he sank his fangs into her white throat, the sweet headiness of her blood bathing his senses with all that she was.

One last furious thrust and he climaxed, her blood screaming through his mind, her muscles clenching hard against him as his orgasm slammed into her through the blood she shared with him, bringing her to the brink and beyond.

He slowed. She moaned. Her blood still slipping into his hungry mouth, but now at a slow stream -- not the crashing torrent of before. He drew his fangs from her, still sucking the flow with his lips. Sarah's breath came slow and shallow, interspersed with gasps as he continued to draw her blood.

With one shuddering sigh, he rolled away from her half conscious form, drawing her into his arms and kissing her gently. "Happy birthday, sweet Sarah."

Almost asleep, she whispered, "Yes, it was…."

The flicker of the smoldering fire danced over the intertwined lovers -- Immortal and vampire -- as they slept a dreamless sleep.

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