Forever Knight and Highlander Fiction

On this page you'll find my non "Bloodties" Forever Knight and Highlander fic.

For other stories I've written in the Highlander and Forever Knight Universes, please visit the Bloodties Series Archive

::Ghost of Winter's Past ~ FK/HL::

~A finalist in the 1997 Forever Knight Fanfic awards ~

::Oaths ~ FK::
~ A finalist in the 1998 Forever Knight Fanfic awards ~
::What Fate Decrees - FK::

~ A sequel to "Oaths" ~

::Life is Short ~ HL::
~ Methos & Amanda visit California ~

::Silver Service ~ HL:: ~ New! Sept. 08
~ Lovers and Friends on the Doorstep to the Future ~

::Addiction ~ HL/Iron Man:: ~ New! Sept. 08
~ A Chance Meeting on the California Coast~

The 'Emily' Stories

::Irreconcilable Differences::
~ Highlander/Grey's Anatomy ~
~ Highlander/Grey's Anatomy ~
::The Tragedy That We Knew As The End::
~ Highlander/Grey's Anatomy ~
::The Final Word You Ever Uttered To Me Was Love::
~ Highlander/Grey's Anatomy ~
::So Close::
~ New! Sept. 08
~ Highlander/Grey's Anatomy ~
::Live To Tell::~ New! Sept. 08
~ Highlander ~

'Echoes the Sea'
(All new as of the Sept. 08 update)

::My Guardian Dear:: ~ set in the late eighteenth century this deals with the first day of Charlotte's immortality.
Highlander/Pirates of the Caribbean
::One Day:: ~ this is set in the early nineteenth century and was the story that started the series.
Highlander/Pirates of the Caribbean

The following three stories take place during the first week Tony Stark is back from Afghanistan.
::Real Friends Buy You In-N-Out:: 
Iron Man
::Tequila Lullaby::
Iron Man
::The Currency Of Trust::
Iron Man

::He's a Pirate:: ~ this story is set not long after the events in 'The Currency of Trust' and reunites Methos and Charlotte.
::I Am Going To The West::  (WIP) ~ Methos & Charlotte tell Duncan about the last time they saw each other in mid nineteenth century New Mexico.
::Practical Applications:: ~ Tony has plans for Charlotte, and he isn't taking 'no' for an answer. Set approximately six months after the events at the end of 'Iron Man'.
Highlander/Iron Man

Dan Clifford is Methos
(Highlander/Holby City)

By My Side, You'll Never Be
Don't You Dare Laugh! I & II
The Memory of This (WIP)


Regret Eternal I / II
Sex On The Beach
Not A Chance
Prove It

Refuge I & II
Simple Pleasures


To the Darkwood

|Dragonstone Moor|
|Ithildin Wood|Memories|Woodheart|Tales from the Darkwood|
|Tindomerel Keep|The Muses|Flotsam & Jetsam|Gastric Anomalies|Ancient Visions|

Ithildin's Forever Knight, Highlander, Grey's anatomy, and Holby City Fan Fiction (fanfic)  featuring Methos, Lucien LaCroix, Nick Knight, Duncan MacLeod, & Janette, amongst others.