A “Bloodties” Primer

The Shows, the Fanfic:

Forever Knight was where these stories started. The show deals with a vampire homicide detective – Nick Knight -- in modern day Toronto and his quest to become mortal again.

Highlander is a series based on the movie of the same name. Immortals are a race that can only be killed by having their heads cut off. Immortals battle each other in the “Game” and receive the “Quickening” (life force) of the Immortal they defeat. Supposedly, in the end, there can be only one.

Star Trek, well, I probably don’t have to explain Star Trek to anyone! Star Trek comes into play in our series in stories that take place in the future and in following the time line of Earth in the Trek universe.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of our authours really wanted to write some stories using the Buffyverse, and our keeper of the timeline gave in to her pouting.  They exist in our universe, but are in their own little miniverse within the larger series universe. Or something like that.

The Characters

Original Characters:

Triona McAlpine is from Vancouver. On a business trip to Toronto, she became in involved with vampires. (“The Last Time We First Met”) Her parents, and aunt and uncle, were killed in a plane crash, leaving her the guardian of her cousin Stephanie. While living with LaCroix, Triona met Methos (“When Did Forever Die?”). Triona was a pre-Immortal – meaning that if she died a violent death, she would become an Immortal. She was also the paramour of a Master Vampire – LaCroix – and when he tried to ‘bring her across’ to make her a vampire, the result left her a mutant, both Vampire and Immortal (“Turning the Page”). In Vampire terms, LaCroix is her “Master”, the one who created her. Methos and Triona are married (“Misguided Angel”), but their relationship is not without strain (“To Capture a Memory”).

Stephanie: Pending!

Lauren went to college with Triona, Terese, and Sarah. On a trip to Toronto with Sarah and Terese to visit Triona, she became involved with Vampires (“Home for The Holidays”). Lauren turned out to be a pre-Immortal, and in a hostage incident, was killed (“Turning the Page”), becoming Immortal.

Terese Logan was adopted and raised in South Carolina by parents of French descent (one Quebecois, one Cajun). She had a fairly happy childhood and gained a love of reading fostered by parents who were determined that she and her older brother would go to college. When she was fifteen, her mother became very ill. Terese, her father and brother were visiting her mother in the hospital when a hurricane came ashore. Her mother hadn't been well enough to be evacuated and her dad had refused to leave her alone. The kids refused to leave as well. They loved their parents deeply - and despised the relatives in North Carolina where they were supposed to go stay. The hospital was severely damaged by the hurricane. Terese and her brother survived the front edge of the storm, their father having forced them down to the hospital's basement, but when her brother forced his way out of the basement during the calm of the eye passing over them, he was struck by a falling beam, leaving Terese alone. After several hellacious months with the nasty relatives, Terese called one of her Quebecois uncles and moved to Chicoutimi, a fair sized town around four hours north of Quebec.

Terese met the others at college and was one of the instigators of the trip to Toronto ("Home For The Holidays") that brought the group back together and under the control of LaCroix. Terese was a pre-Immortal and became Immortal after being killed in a hostage taking ("Turning The Page"). She went off to Wales to train with Amanda, learning about sword play, thievery, and men - and was an adept student at all three.

Sarah’s history is similar to Lauren’s. But what drew her into this dark world was Nick Knight. The moment she saw him, she decided to throw her lot in with LaCroix to get him. On becoming Immortal, she became the student of Connor MacLeod and after her training, they maintained an on again, off again, romantic relationship.

Forever Knight Characters

Lucian LaCroix was a Roman general who became a vampire the day of Vesuvius’ eruption in Pompeii. Unbeknownst to him, his teenage daughter Divia had become a vampire while he was in Gaul. She brought him across that day as Pompeii crumbled around them, becoming his vampire “Master”.  ("Ancient Whispers")

Nick Knight is one of LaCroix’s “children”. He was a Crusader that LaCroix brought across in 1228. At first reveling in what he had become, he eventually decided he wanted to be mortal again. He’s constantly looking for some sort of cure for his condition.

Janette is also one of LaCroix’s children. She was brought across in the Ninth Century, after LaCroix found her in a brothel. A nobleman’s daughter, she had been sold to the brothel to make way for the marriage of another sister.

Highlander Characters

Methos is the world’s oldest Immortal – over 5000 years old. He is also LaCroix’s “uncle” (“A Ghost of Winter’s Past”) and delights in making the ancient vampire’s life more difficult. Back in the Bronze Age, Methos, along with three other Immortals, were the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, pillaging their way across several continents. Methos grew tired of that life (what the catalyst was, we don’t really know) and lived his life trying to avoid trouble. When he met Triona, he was posing as a mild-mannered grad student named, “Adam Pierson”.

Duncan MacLeod: The Highlander. Duncan is a friend of Methos’ and a true “Boy Scout”. He was born in the Highlands of Scotland in the 15th century. He has a very defined code of honour that came from his childhood as the son of the clan chieftain. He became Triona’s teacher after she became Immortal, and then Lauren’s.

Amanda is over a thousand years old, becoming Immortal after being hit on the head while trying to steal food. She’s now a very accomplished thief/cat burglar and her friend/lover, the long-suffering Duncan is often being dragged into one of her schemes. She became Terese’s teacher after she became Immortal.

Connor MacLeod is Duncan’s cousin and became Duncan’s teacher when he became Immortal.

Joe Dawson is a Watcher, which is where he first met Methos, though he knew him as Adam Pierson. Watchers are an organization of people who know about Immortals and watch and record their lives. Joe became a vampire due to an accident (this story hasn’t been written yet), and in the Star Trek future, runs an import/export business with Duncan MacLeod.

Star Trek Characters

Jean Luc is captain of the Enterprise and a good friend of Triona’s. He is also the biological father of her daughter, Lucia. (“Ancient Whispers”, “Moonshadow in Obsidian”, “The Last Time We First Met”)

Spock of Vulcan has known Triona since he was a child. Triona is his “Pry'lyn”, a sort of guardian and spiritual advisor. (“The Long Road From Home”). His parents, Sarak and Amanda were dear friends of Triona’s, and his daughter, T’Rayla, is Triona’s ward while he is in the Romulan empire working for Romulan/Vulcan reunification.

Recurring Original Characters

Lexi – Alexandra – is a former student of Methos’ and a good friend of Triona’s. She currently makes her living as a fashion designer. (“Turning the Page”, “Misguided Angel”)

T’Rayla is Spock’s daughter and Triona’s ward.

Baker is LaCroix’s Major Domo in the 20th century. Mrs. Baker is from the same family, and is Triona’s housekeeper in the 24th century.

Lucia is Triona’s daughter. She was carried by a surrogate, and has the genetic heritage of Triona, LaCroix, and Jean Luc Picard.

Hakeem was an Ancient vampire who was a mortal enemy of LaCroix’s. He held Triona prisoner and tortured her before being rescued by Methos. He died at Triona’s hand. (“Sands of Eternity”)

Admiral Dean is Picard’s direct superior at Star Fleet and a social and diplomatic acquaintance of Triona’s.

Other Stuff You Should Know:

Thanks so much for reading!

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