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Bloodties is a shared universe that started as Forever Knight. It soon grew to encompass Highlander and  Star Trek , with a (very) little Buffy thrown in as well. 

It all began after the Forever Knight episode Fallen Idol aired. A group of us in IRC decided that if  Nick had a 'basement buffet', then LaCroix, being much more accomplished, must have a harem. The stories were written and pasted into IRC as entertainment for those of us on the channel. They started as a lark -- but soon grew into epics that required a timeline and continuity! And, gasp! they got serious. 

We let a few friends read them, and they liked them so much, that they pestered us to post them. More than five ten years later, some of us are still at it.

Here you will find all the posted stories in our alternate universe in  chronological order., plus links to the Bloodties Primer and Gallery.

The usual disclaimers apply: the characters from their various shows belong to their PTBs. All original characters belong to their creators .

Some of the stories on this archive contain adult content. Please, if you are under 18, do not read stories labeled as 'adult'. 

Thanks for reading!

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Ithildin's Forever Knight  and Highlander Fan Fiction (fanfic)  featuring Methos, Lucien LaCroix, Nick Knight, Duncan MacLeod, & Janette, amongst others.
Also Star Trek Fan Fiction with Jean Luc Picards, Spock, Sarak, Amanda

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