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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I'm now on moveable type!!

Go here:


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Friday, October 25, 2002

Today, I was leaving work, and the pharmacist on duty jokingly said, Im going home!

So, I volunteered to be in charge. My exact words were I know how to use a whip! This was said with a big, evil grin.

The pharmacist agreed, and one of the clerks declared she was really scared of me now...

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Thursday, October 24, 2002

More quotes from work!

You know it's bad when you have to dry your hands on an insurance reject.

"You guys want anything?"
"A Lamborguini, 2 million dollars, and a couple of firemen for cabana boys."

Please don't make me die or drown in my own spit, ok?

The world is full of twits, and I am their exterminator.

Give a man an inch, he thinks he's a ruler. -- pillow

You are like the Alpha Omega. You can find anything.

There's something about a young girl crying... that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

"Are you tired after working for 8 hours in the pharmacy?"
"Me? I'm 65 friggin' years old! What do you think?"

He looks like mangled shit!

Scratch my back... higher... higher... harder... Oooo! Almost as good as sex.

It's so weird hearing this song and not hearing the orgy virgin.

I use ones that are big enough to be misconstrued as dildos.

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Monday, October 14, 2002

On Friday, one of the pharmacists was having a bad day. So, I decided to cheer her up...

I 'filled' a prescription for plain chocolate M&M's, #120, 1 four times a day as needed for irritation. Ordered by Dr No.

I put it in a prescription bottle, labelled it, and asked the pharmacist to check the order. She loved it.

Of course, the bottle is now almost gone, and it's only been three days. Obviously, we have an abuse problem happening. I may have to talk to her about this... :-)

And, today, K's two youngest daughters spent the day with us at the pharmacy (They're out of school for this week and it was the middle girl's birthday). So, one of the driver's gave the birthday girl a teddy bear. While the girls were upstairs watching a video, I hid the bear on the top shelf in the wound care section behind the counter. It took the girls almost fifteen minutes to find it, and that was after I gave two clues.

Then, as they were leaving, the youngest did the whole pouting, puppy dog eyes, because she wanted a treat. So, I turned to her and did my puppy dog eyes. We cracked each other up.

I don't enjoy my inner child, I let her run rampant! :-)

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Thursday, October 10, 2002

Huh... OK... that was surprising... I took the Political Compass test... my results:

So... according to the page, I'm really near Gandhi... weird.

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Current prank at work.

People at work get these really nice pens to use at work (Dr Grip. Love Dr Grip), and, they go Poof (I had a really nice pen from Lights, Camera, Auction! (A charity auction), that someone took). So, my coworkers have gotten in the habit of putting their name on the pen and putting 'take, and DIE!!!' on it.

So, I've got a note in my pocket. Written in block letters. In purple pen (have to give a little clue). I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to use it. The note says:

'I HOLD UR PEN HOSTAGE! $100,000,000 (in nickles), or I remove the ink forever!
The Pen Kidnapper'

Now, I wait for my chance.

Another item at work that keeps disappearing are people's calculators. I got around that [g]. I brought in a TI-82 calculator. This baby can do graphs, algebra, calculus, and it looks like it. We're talking a super powered scientific calculator. Everyone here at work is afraid to touch the darn thing, let alone take it to use! Hah! Hah, I say!

I love this calculator. Had to get it for a college Math course. It was required for the class for the teacher. She said that, after the class ended, if we didn't want the calculator, she'd buy it back for $5 less than the retail price. She had been doing that for about three years when I took her course, and had only three students take her up on her offer.

And, I just scared a customer. I was telling a clerk that I had the sudden urge to vault the counter (Making the appropriate hand gestures). Ah, the look on their faces! [weg]

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Isn't Foxtrot great?

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I called a customer service rep today for one of the store's distributors about their website and I ended the call with "Sorry if I'm sounding strange, I've had too much coffee." So, the rep called back saying not to worry, she has too much coffee every once in a while as well, and that she was forwarding my message to her supervisor because it was so nice.

Oh yeah, great! Pass on my weirdness...

I've been smelling the wafting scent of roast beef off and on today. Damn, it's making me hungry... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... meat!

Our store (except my little corner under the vent) has been 80 degrees for the last few days. Turns out some idiot had turned the thermostat in the store up to 80! My corner is on a different thermostat. I'm at a nice 65 degrees.

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Monday, October 07, 2002

Starbucks needs to be worshipped.

Well, my usual Starbucks does.

The other day, one of the employees at work went to get coffee while I was out on my morning walk (I walk about 45 minutes before work). K gave my order but forgot the whipped cream. I started to pout.

Then, I got my coffee. It had whipped cream. Turns out that when the baristas heard my usual order (Cinnamon Spice Mocha), they asked my coworker "Is this for April?" and then made it the way I like it.

I think I need to give these people a Christmas gift.

And then, today, I'm sitting, patiently waiting for my order to be ready. The barista called me over... "Could you taste your drink? I don't think I put espresso in it." So, I did, she hadn't.

I'm going to kill people at work. There's one employee who insists on explaining things to death. I don't need a 10 minute conversation about faxing the doctor for refills. K and I (and others actually) have gotten into the habit of walking away from her. She actually continues to talk, even though we've walked away... [sigh]

I just have to remind myself... "The world if full of twits, and I am their exterminator."

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