X-Men Comic Book Quotes

"Speaking of gettin' things, Cyke -- Yer gonna be gettin' me a new bike! I lend ya mine fre one day and ya leave it parked in another dimension. So start raiding the cookie jar, bub, 'cause the lod Canucklehead's gotta have a set o' wheels!" -- Wolverine, the Adventures of the X-Men #4

X-Factor #75

X-Force #55

"I can't believe this. I actually have a crush on a hologram. I don't know whether I should talk to a psychologist or an electrician." -- Wildchild, X-Factor #124

Uncanny X-Men #153

X-Men #1 From Pizza Hut

Uncanny X-Men #298

"Can the philosophy, Elf, an'let's scrounge some brew. Savin' the universe is thirsty work." -- Wolverine, Uncanny X-Men vs. The New Teen Titans

"We'll walk from now on."
"Can't we take a cab?"
"How about I take a cab and you walk?"
"Only if I can go shopping."
"We'll walk." -- Shadowcat and Wisdom, Pryde and Wisdom #1

"Pay attention class, as I pass gas and knock you professor unconscious using chemical warfare. Then I'm going to Macarena, because if we all just line dance think how much better off we'd be"-Deadpool #2

You always know where the X-Men have been, because it's always on fire. - Pete Wisdom, Excalibar

We are all alone until we accept our need for others. -- Henry McCoy, X-Men

Finally, anyone wishing to complain to Mr. Logan about injuries sustained during yesterday's field expidition will, I'm afraid, be waisting his or her time. -- White Queen

I'm a patient woman, but sometimes I wish all children had a single neck and I was knotting a rope around it! -- White Queen

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