Stargate: SG1 Quotes

You ended your sentence with a preposistion. Bastard. -- Jack, The Other Guys

"...nerd" -- 2 scientists, 'The Other Guys'

"We might as well be wearing red shirts."
"I don't understand that." -- 2 scientists, 'The Other Guys'

"Good Luck, sir."
"Stop saying that." -- pilot & Jack

This is *so* the last time I help someone move. -- Jack, Exodus

General Hammond, permission to beat the crap out of this man. -- Jack

He's not insubordinate to me. Just to people like yourself. Saves me the trouble. -- General Carter, Seth

It's all fun and games until someone breaks a nail. -- Jack, Urgo

"I want to live. I want to experience the universe, and I want to eat pie."
"Who doesn't." -- Urgo and Jack, Urgo

You know that 'We come in peace' business? Bite me. -- Jack, New Ground

"Now we must wait for the giant aliens."
"That just has a nice ring to it." -- Nick and Jack, The Crystal Skull

Can I see your scar? -- Jack, Nemesis

"Time to start getting my thoughts together, maybe write a book. You ever think of writing a book about your exploits in the line of duty?"
"Ah, I've thought about it. But then I'd have to shoot anyone that actually read it." -- Hammond and Jack, Children of the Gods

"Colonel O'Neill keeps telling me it's about time you had a command."
"I had a moment of weakness." -- Hammond and Jack, Children of the Gods

"Hold down the fort."
"Bring me back a T-shirt." -- Jack and Kowalski, Children of the Gods

"The hell with culture. A member of my team has been neutralized. That's a hostile act."
"How is it that you always come up with the worst case scenario?"
"I practice." -- Jack and Daniel, Emancipation

"Colonel O'Neill?"
"Lucy! I'm home!"
"I am not Lucy." -- Teal'c and Jack, The Broca Divide

"This tastes like chicken."
"So what's wrong with it?"
"It's macaroni and cheese." -- Daniel and Carter, The First Commandment

"The very young do not always do what they are told." -- Antaeus, The Nox

"You speak!"
"When it is appropriate." -- Catherine and Teal'c, The Torment of Tantalus

"Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebrity, and music."
"Sex, drugs, and Rock 'N Roll?" -- Daniel and Jack, Hathor

"Why does it always have to be a religious thing with you? Maybe they're coming from a swap meet.", Jack

"What look?"
"The one that says I have deep misgivings about this mission but I know we're doing the right thing?"
"No... the other one." -- Daniel and Jack, The Other Side

Earth, steaks, there's a difference? -- Jack, Upgrades

"For what it's worth, I am sorry."
"Me too."
"Me three."
"I have no need to apologize." -- Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c, Upgrades

I dreamed about mining... naked. -- Jack, Beneath the Surface

I'm already enjoying their style. Shoot first, ask questions later. -- Jack, Enemies

"Maybe next time, you'll just wait and see."
"And blow my last chance of ever being right?" -- Jack and Jacob, Enemies

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