Syndi-Con East 1997

It's a BYOC state. Bring Your Own Condiments.

I'm still using the spoon cuz it's too hard to suck!

It's evil! It's pink! It's Denise!

If it's a Naked Mole Rat, you have to stroke it till it becomes a Badger of Desire.

Let's go lick it and find out.

That feels so weird in my mouth!

Maybe the Greeks will have gas.

It didn't pull out!

Nobody with hot wax is coming near my crotch.

I'll have to pull it out.

When we first started out, she was doing four or five of us a night!

My time's too precious to waste on bad parties.

My hand is starting to sweat inside the otter.

*I* would have touched it!

Anne Rice could rub a piece of paper in her armpit and it would get published.

Hey! For once Denise was the first one in the room to have...

Whose pants are you trying to roll down?

You were runner-up in the big butt contest. If for some reason Kira is not able to fulfill her duties as Miss Big Butt...

But I *like* to come!

Oh please! Hit me again!

Now we're having a macho bonding butt towel-slapping!

I thought you said you were a crouton.

But it's hot and wet.

Why don't you just change your nick to Mr. Smallpenis

Let's go find the pretty waiter -- we can fondle him

There's that hand-fetishist again


My little guinea pig of love

She's blossoming

I'm easily impressed


Gotta go bafroom!

Methos, the frisky maker!
The squidge maker!

Could you please sign your naked chest?

All I've got is naked chest

Perky bangs!

No, her fingers aren't long enough

Yeah, she lusts after the same people
Yeah, Denise



You can take our chairs, but you'll never take our spirits!

That woman has arms of rubber

(Quotes from PW at his q&a):

I'm English -- we don't have sex lives... we don't have sex

Tonight it has to be just a quickie -- and that's the first time I've ever said that

(I had to leave this next one in for the slashers who couldn't go -- everyone else can skip to the following one <g>)

Q: What about the spiral quickening?
A: <laughing> Yeah, the spiral quickening... when we made that, I told them 'people are gonna talk'. I was very aware of the homoerotic content in that. I heard people talking about the double meaning, but I don't know the other one is.

(end of PW quotes)

Nice to meet you -- can I help you stop your urine?

Not a bad nose

Would you like your bald spot buffed?

Ewwwwwwww Opie and NHK (Note: NHK = Naked Horny Kenny)

I scanned a bald spot and it wasn't him

Would you like to oil my sword?

Oil that baby up

Why are you fondling Tippi?

(quote from Nigel, about "1600"): I haven't seen the movie. I'm going to wait for the video.

She's soliciting!

She feels a little self-conscious about her endowments.
It's so big and it sticks out so far!

I'm not used to doing this away from home.
Oh, I can do it anywhere.

You brought your handcuffs -- and they're sturdy!

Oooh, it's vibrating

Up with penis!

When it started out she was doing 4 or 5 of us a night

Give me a nice view of your package

Okay, go get in the trunk

Those are almost Cassandra nails

I woo-hooed him!

We're not lost, we're looking for breakfast

I've got too much blood in my caffeine system

It's a sexual lubricant -- oh, good, why don't I just say that out loud in McDondald's

I did in in front of 150 people on a microphone

I can't be rude and indecent in formalwear

I can't find the place to put my fingers.
Feel around.

I think it keeps rubbing itself open as I walk

That's not a quote!
Yes it is!

If your hand gets sweaty remove it from the body cavity

Tippi does what?
Tippi does everything.

What is she doing?
I don't want to know.

She's perverting my little animal!

Stop that, we're in public!

It's even got a little hole you can stick it down into

If he's taking that much time with each person, they'd better be having sex

I don't feel like taking my clothes off

gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat

It's all Shirl's fault

Log me!

Po' lil Shirl

Look, it's half-nekkid people

If anything happens to him, I'm getting me a boy straight out of high school

You're kinda fluffed

Get the lil terrier!

It's better than sit-ups!

The things I'll do to bond

Let him wash his hands!

Now she's bouncing

I don't care if it hurt, I shook it anyway

It's not too early -- it's never too early


I'm vibrating again

Touch the otter

I can't believe I'm standing here trying to locate a bald spot

He's bouncing

We're jingling
We're a jingling pride

Oh man oh man oh man
Oh god oh god oh god

Must dispell images, must dispell images!

Think Schanke
Think Naked Horny Kenny

My poor little humans

Anyone need lotion?

Her mind is more pervy than her hands

That's not her sternum

I've never wanted to be another woman's back so bad

You did it for her yesterday, you can do it for Denise

No bestiality in the morning

Nobody say anything quotable until Margie's done eating

I don't know if I can do this in front of my mother

You have to bounce on the hump

We almost killed the con guests!!!

If we ignore Shirl, she'll go away

The first few days, I just could not keep my hands off of him

I actually embarrassed myself once

I'm good at ad-lib.
Yeah. "There's always room for one more."

Pull the blinky down

Climb into the thingie

I don't like the hard ones
The hard ones hurt my mouth
I like soft ones

That's where people tend to lose it

What is it about McDonald's that makes you say this stuff at the top of your lungs?

It's an innocent, wholesome, family place to eat -- before we showed up

She's doing a Shirl

The ones near us are painted that awful smurf blue

It's a smurf brochette!

I feel like I'm in a truck stop

That went up my nose

That hurt

I hope you don't get the other kind since that cabin is going to be really small

We'll stick her butt out the porthole

Oh, god, I'm starting to hurt

But he was proud of it because he was a man

Something just fell down my shirt

Tippi, put your leg over your head

Oh, god, I don't think I've ever done it that many times in a row -- now I'm sore!

You should try being on tranquilizers; I'm feeling *fine*

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