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CatCon II -- A friend's birthday party

Bridging The Knight -- A Forever Knight convention

A Christmas Party -- A party a friend and I went to

My 21st Birthday Party -- A bunch of my friends surprised me with a birthday party...

1997 Sci-Fi Cruise --A ten day cruise. Nigel Bennett and Mira Furlan were present for four days, Sylvester McCoy for all ten.

Syndi-Con East 1997 -- I wasn't present for this one...

Crescent City Con XXIV -- Cresent City Con. New Orleans. August 1-3, 1997.

Cat Con III -- The third Cat Con (A giant slumber party with friends). Movies, alcohol, and a medieval feast.

Drink -- Lotsa funny stuff that was said when a friend made the mistake of getting drunk in my presence.

NorCal-PWFC Gathering -- A group of people from the north California region of the Peter Wingfield fan club got together for a weekend of fun, food, and other stuff...

Friend's Birthday Party -- A birthday party I was at for a friend.

Pool Party -- Friends play pool

Yet another Pool Party -- We like playing pool.

ConJose: 2002 WorldCon -- Name says it all!

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