Pool Party Quotes

We're her harem.

I'll hold you down, you pull.

I knew the moment I walked in here, I'd fall off the wagon.

I was gonna say I need to give that two a blow job. But I knew I couldn't do that.

I need to blow on the two. I'll be right back.

You were verging on naughty touch.

No auto-erotic aphyxiation. We're in public.

Wide hips make good children. Spit them out and back to work.

Pool, it's like a Klingon game. The weak get eaten.

Tequila is the secret to my life.

"Tequila makes you a loose woman."
"I hope so."

She's holding my husband's ball. I don't think I want to hear that.

Stop pulling things out of holes.

Love the ball. Covet the ball.

Love the ball. Stroke the ball.

Your balls are in my way. Move them.

It does taste better on the bottom.

Damn our ringer and her tiny bladder.

I've forgotten how to write.

Her butt is very pinchable.

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