North  California PWFC Gathering Quotes

I love clearing a room.

"We're going to be rolling home."

Hey! *I'm* the lesbian magnet!

When in doubt, give money to Jen.

It's a quote list, not a quilt list.

I think we should go to a liquor store, buy some liquor, then go to someone's room.

We don't need no stinkin' room!

"We're kind, happy, wonderful people!"
"And we're drunk."

When the daiquiri hit his pants, he was stained for life.

Bad guys destroy things, good guys just cruise.

I'm not going to write a story just so I can use an air freshner.

I accept that he has the right to choose whichever trashcan he chooses.

Hey! The quote book was pulled out for that.

They're picking lice. They're grooming her.

He tootled at me with vigor, so I cursed him and his ancestry.

"If we go to the bookstore, we'll never leave. "
"Yes we will. We have reservations."

I deny everything.

You hold mine and I'll hold yours.

It was a wise decision they made, not to have children.

She's not a virgin.

They stole the water!

We don't have enough strawberries for virgins.

His hands were in the exact spot you'd expect a man's hands to be.

Pardon me, I'm only a *little* bitter.

"I thought you said 'spank the salsa.'"
"No. It's spin. 'Spin the salsa.'"

Just give me a good body.

I dropped a piece of salsa in my glass, but luckily, it fell into a hollow ice cube.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

We're damn devoted fans! We forced ourselves to look at sea otters, to shop all day, to drink margaritas for that man!

We have permission to be noisy.

How many people can hit themself in the teeth with their earrings?

We weren't laying on each other. It was an artistic performance.

Somebody should get up and dance.

I've got lime on my nose.

"Eat, babushka, eat!"
"Don't you start!"

"I'm bringing my mum tomorrow, so don't scare her."
"I promise nothing."

"Everybody happy?"
"Some more than others."
"Some way more than others."

I'm a naturally exuberant pershon.

Look at the reach he's got with this thing!

Yes ma'am, yes sir, yes whatever you are...

"Ah, quote!"
"Stop it with your quoting!"

Where is slot B? 'Cause, I've found Tab A.

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