CatCon III Quotes

Quotes by: Denise, April, Kira, Shele, Alora

I *am* the mountain!

She doesn't eat heels.

We have an innocent to corrupt? Oooooooooo!

If Jim Byrnes is worth $600, Alora is worth at least $100.

I'm his personal dom.
His hot pink dom.

We learned to fake it.

I can't believe I agreed to give Alora $100 to rent a car. I must be drunk.

Think of it this way, she has to pay $100 when she returns the car... You won't be there.

Ithy's my mommy.

It's a Barbie world.
I'm a Barbie girl.
Life in plastic.
Isn't it fantastic. (An actual song!!)

Darn danish people.

I paid $100 to have Alora! She's expensive.
Actually in the market, that's not that expensive.
Yeah, but all I'm doing is sleeping with her.

Aim doesn't matter.

I'm paying her $100, she'll have to do what I tell her.

I don't think she's worth $100.
You got her for free.

If it's not a man's fault, it's Tippi's fault.

It occurs to me, I'm watching two drunk women painting their nails over a light colored carpet in a house that isn't theirs.

I had a nail painted for each one [drink] I had. Would you like to see my toes?

You're on your second? Cool!

The drunken party is upstairs.

What should I make Alora do for $100?

She's not the sister I sleep with.

I had my head in your lap.

When people get to where you are, they're dead.

I ain't paying unless she shows up. I'm paying for results.

Let's stand on the corner and pick somebody up.

Denise is on the bed, demanding her $100 worth.

Double penis man. Double your pleasure, double your fun.

I am a loser. I just hide it well.

I got drunk this weekend, dyed my hair, painted my nails, and got my body pierced. I'd show you where, but I don't know you that well.

No, I want her for her body.

You don't fuck with the wee folk.
That's incest. In your case, doubly so.

I drank way more than Alora!

I stand corrected. I'd stand, but I don't want to.

You're gonna crush chips, that's a sin you know.

She works for her money.

You're beginning to rival the Regan administration.

I've never had to pay for it before.

I don't know why you're pointing them out. You're the one paying for it.

Vader in a g-string.

Vader in a boa, a g-string, and six inch heels.

A night in bed and breakfast.

I've been bought and paid for, I have nothing to complain about.

If it were porcelain and I liked it, I'd eat it too.

Janette in a bonnet and Nick with a bible?

Is it alcoholic?

It landed in your crotch, and you ate it!

Do you want me to lick it and make it better?

Is she rolling on the floor again?
As long as she's rolling on the floor alone I don't care.

Don't make us pull an Ithy on you.

You're the one that has to put out with her in the room.
I don't think so.
You're not open for a little voyeurism?

He barely beat me by two balls.

I want a prostitute in my room every night.

Sure, if I die, who cares?

I don't like whipping.

You're a heavy breather. You'd make a great crank caller.

Go down on me Peg!

Raspberry Peach Tribbles?

You've never seen LadyHawke??? (5 voices in chorus)

No, for that she would require an enema.
A tropical enema?
Tropical Fruit flavor!

Now who's the flannel dom?

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