Crescent City Con XXIV Quotes

Quotes by: Denise, April, Kira, Tippi, a James Bond movie, Shirl, Cherri, Carlos, Alora, Nigel, and some buttons.

Garlic cannot live on bread alone.

It's the restaurant that goes Ni!

Bring us... a shrubbery... and a Grand Slam breakfast.

There's Las Vegas! Oh wait, it's a tree.

It's scary when she starts quoting herself.

I live for putting gross and disgusting images in other people's minds.

I told the guy on the elevator about feminine products.

You just want people to look at your crotch.

Vegetation is attracted to you for your mind.

Hey petite chere, I'll give you a jumbalya for a roll in de hay.

Red ass ale. The beer that spanks you till you're red in the ass.

I'd like 25 pounds of bunny love.

You don't want me to have that. I'll become da da dum! flatulent Shirl!

I've got... boobs.

I'd sing, but I had cheese for lunch.

I hear Kira in my head all the time.

Why are you working in a vegetable stand?
My pimp beats me up.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day, you'll be dead.
And a happy little fairy will flit away from the crime scene.

That would be like me going up there and doing pelvic thrusts.

Is that a quotebook? I'm heading for the hills.

I'm having too much blues.

I love watching people really get down with their bad selves.

If I see his red rooster, I'm going to kill it and eat it.

If we talk long enough, I just know I'll get in the quotebook.

I'm trying to remember the reason I'm not there is that I'm being a reasonable adult.

You are a frightening influence on my sister.

I gotta be worth $100.

The mating behavior of the balding Canadian monkey.

Now that you're here, I hope we'll have some gratuitous sex and violence.

You're going to ruin the tourist trade if you go around killing people.

You know Nick won't bring her across because he's such a wuss.

She doesn't like to suck.

Baaaa means no.

That's not making me jealous, that's making me think you're two brain cells short of a margarita.

I got this so my mom could see the blue smurf penis hotel.

Ruffles has ridges for our pleasure.

I'm going to kill you. No, I'm going to kill you first. But let's eat some chocolate first.

Bless me spigot, for I have sinned.

Should've gotten some wine. I need the corks to put up my nose.

She's getting it on with the pole.

I'm saving my hip wiggling for him.

She's gonna get splinters. That's the risk you take when you have an affair with a pole.

I wonder what their children will look like?

Why do you think they don't make wooden dildos?

Hey, it's Alora's song!

I'm happy, I don't like being happy.

I'm sorry, it's always thrusting.

I am woman, see me stick you with a fork!

Legally its reprehensible. Morally it's disgusting. Personally, I like it. (Button)

When I'm choosing between two evils, I choose the one I've never done. (Button)

Everything takes the time it takes.

You can never have the childhood that you wanted. You can only have the choldhood that you had.

We've seen your tits, April.

Yes, I know I was lying. I figured I'd get more action that way.

You get more action if you lie?

We're wet and dripping. We need towels now.

Lift your dress again so I can see what character is on your undies.

How'd you guys get on that topic?
Long story.
It's kinda hard to scroll.
We'll send you part of the log.

You fondle everything.

I'm a fondler.

Hi, I'm Denise, and this is my perv.

I'm the magical monk. Let me show you what's under my robes.

Petey's for the women, you are for the unwashed masses.

So many drugs to take, so little time.

Me have brain. Me not complete monkey.

New Orleans, Mexico, what's the difference.
Well, apparently, Mexico is safer.
That's scary.

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