Books, Short Stories, and Plays Quotes

I left his heart in San Francisco by James Thorpe

Not My Baby by Judith McWilliams

Discworld by Terry Pratchett

The Fire Sword by Adriene Martine-Barnes

"He who steals my purse steals trash." -- Othello, William Shakespeare

"I expected a den of iniquity, a recreation of Caligula's orgy-rooms, and I find a harbor of hearty male gamesmanship! What a disappointment!" -- The Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey

"I tend to trust armed women." -- Tek Money by William Shatner

This above all else-- to thine own self be true. -- Polonius, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

It's getting so a man can't even go out for a night drive without people shooting at him. -- James Bond, License Renewed by John Gardner

There was something wrong with meeting wererats in Denny's over coffee and donuts. -- Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton

Women may get to wear lots of pretty colors, but men get the comfortable shoes. -- Laughing Corpse by Laurell K hamilton

Reality continues to ruin my life." - Calvin and Hobbes

A spider's web can catch the moonlight but cannot keep it -- The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson

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