My 21st Birthday Party Quote List


"Look, they're twins."
"We're related on my mother's side."
"Does the fact that she has no tail have anything to do with that?"

"Nigel's an alien!"
"We knew that."

"That's what happens when you live with a walking talking quotebook Denise."

"You feed her, you water her..."
"Walk me? When did you ever walk me?"
"At least she didn't say fertilize you."

"I had a sudden image of Adrian Paul in a dress batting his eyelashes."

"Aren't you going to be glad when your birthday is over? You won't be kicked out of rooms anymore."

"Purple trojans."

"Four women are discussing lingerie and watching football. It's every man's fantasy."

"Can't you just see Denise as Maddonna?"

"Looks like April on a sugar high."
"No, I'm faster."

"We never have enough men."

"Wow, there's a male fantasy if I ever seen one."

"Your dad doesn't know you live with people?"
"No. I think I'm going to tell him I live with my boss."

"Who knows were those pants have been."
"On my butt!"

"In Out In Out."

"I like to win."

"You take slash a little literally, don't you?"

"Why bother, it's just electronic impulses."

"You have a very long tongue."

"There's an idea. The Fugitive meets Superman."
"So long as it's not slash."
"Stop it!!"

"The Fugitive meets Peter Pan."
"Tinkerbell! Think a happy thought!"

"We couldn't bear to be apart."

"Put yourself into the mind of your prey."
"There's a LaCroix saying if I ever heard one."

"Nick falls face first into the pumpkin pie and have Natalie lick it off."
"No, but it would have to be LaCroix, we're talking about April."
"Yah, but vampires don't eat pumpkin pie."
"We could have Schanke do it."
"Ok, it's Janette and Natalie licks it off."

"You're not coming back to bed honey?"

"Turning the other cheek only gets you slapped harder."

"You wouldn't believe how well I lie."

"I'm in that thing so many times."

"She's kinda a bouncy disturbing presence."

"Let 'em wonder."

"You can join the adult collection legally now."

"I slept in the same room, so nothing happened."
"You have no idea how much you slept through last night. You know, next time, you can join us."

"Brie is an echelon all it's own. Above the ranks of normal cheese."

"Wait a minute... Alora and Denise are back there by themselves."

"Friends suck."

"Ah no I dahn't haev an ahcent."

"She'll do anything for money."

"Stay away from my crotch."

"Big is relative."

"Cherri's a Natpacker. She bounces enough..."

"We better find Kira. She lost herself."

"Alora threatened to kiss me."
"Hey, you stay away from Alora!"

"You haven't seen my restroom token yet, have you?"

"Your hand's in my crotch."

"April sandwich."
"Slap on the mayo."

"I didn't know you were an Ewok in your past life."
"Ninja Ewok."

"As lawd as mah witness ah neveh haev a Suthen Ahcent!"

"Starlight, starbright, the first butt I see tonight..."

"Is that your foot or are you happy to see me?"

"I'm just here to make quotes, aren't I?"

"She's wacko."

"Yeah -- the A-team on the couch!"

"She likes liver. I'm divorcing her."
"She's mine, you can't divorce her!"

"Try to act like the mature responsible adults you almost sorta are."

"What am I, a scientific study?"
"You look like a lab experiment to me."

"I like big words. I can't spell em, can't say em, but I can use em."

"I can't sleep with Kira since I'm sleeping with Alora."

"We're gonna spend the rest of our lives sleeping together."

"There's my boring antidote for the evening."

"If I'm gonna bite a throat, it's not gonna be hers. I have something else entirely in mind."

"The proper procedure is: in out in out."

"My lungs hurt, my ribs hurt, my blood vessels hurt."

"Superman meets Peter Pan."

"Superhero and Mighty Mouse."

"Santa and the Easter Bunny."

"April didn't say a word for five whole minutes!"

"Santa Claus and Tinkerbell."

"Sticks are way better."

"We came down because Denise has a much nicer computer."

"We're gonna have to start a new thread about Evil Purple Ninjas."
"Thought it was Twisted Purple Ninjas."

"Bad Nickie, no bickie."

"Do it in French Nickie! Do it in French!"

"Lifestyle prejudice"
"Is that like penis envy?"

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