Be Still My Thumping Paw -- (G) An argument that leads to strange happenings.

Communication and Thee -- (G) Blair leaves a letter for Jim.

Copping A Feel -- (PG) A look into Blair's thoughts during Switchman, the Sentinel Series Premiere.

 A Cop, Feeling -- (PG) A companion piece to 'Copping a Feel', written by Arduinna Finn.
Combinations -- (G) A song (Lyrics only.)

De Rabbit and De Wizard -- (G) Jim loses a friend and goes into sleep deprivation.

The Good, The Bad, And The Undead -- (R) An alternate universe comedic look at gothic romances and horror stories. Jim finds love and the undead.

How Sweet (And Sour) It Is -- (G) Blair calls Jim at work.

A Little Christmas Cheer -- (G) A Sentinel Christmas short.

Love Letters of a Different Sort -- (NC-17) Jim and Blair correspond long distance.

Playtime -- (R) Blair finds interesting use for his slinky.

Sensory Deprivation -- (G) A poem

The Shower Opera -- (PG) Blair sings in the shower.

           Revenge of the Operetta: All Cats are Grey in the Dark -- (G) Sequel to 'The Shower Opera' where Jim gets his revenge.

Sentinel Limericks -- (NC-17) Some dirty verses about the Sentinel <beam>

Slipstream -- (NC-17) A look into Blair's thoughts.

The Adventures of Sentinelman and Anthroboy -- An Alternate Universe look at the Sentinel. Not only am I writing Sentinelman and Anthro Boy stories, but, as you may have noticed, it seems others are now writing them too... If you want to write a story, just e-mail me for permission before hand, as I did create Sentinelman and Anthro Boy. Address to reach me at is down below.
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