Ninjababe's Art

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I do draw.

I never said I draw well, but I do draw.

So, on with my febble attempts of art.

Don't laugh to hard now, ya hear!

Angel A drawing of a character I created. Did this using only a mouse, so it ain't that bad..

Vegeta (From Dragonball Z) A drawing of the prince of the Saiyajin. All hail! <g>. No really, I hate how the hands came out. Maybe I'll try again on that. (This is actually a tracing I did of a drawing to put it into the computer using a drawing pad. Have to hook the scanner up someday!)

Ninjababe's first scene of Gummi Bear Death Something I created using paint shop pro. A gummi burning at the stake.

Ninjababe's second scene of Gummi Bear Death Another image creating using paint shop pro. A gummi headhunter.

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