This is the stuff I want people to buy me because I'm too cheap to buy it for myself... Gathered from websites across the globe, and archived in one, convenient location!

I have an Amazon wishlist, but I've been told it's too big (It's only 283 items!) This right here is the best of the bunch, the cream of the crop, the... oh, you get the idea...

Last updated 11-08-08 - Getting ready for the holidays...



 Video Games








Ranma ½ Manga by Rumiko Takahashi

Volume 10

Volume 11

Volume 12

Volume 13

Volume 14

Volume 15

Volume 16

Volume 17

Volume 18

Volume 19

Volume 20
Volume 21 Volume 23
Volume 24 Volume25 Volume 26
Volume 27 Volume 28 Volume 33
Volume 34 Volume 37 Volume 38

There are actually 38 volumes of the manga... Above are the ones I can find on Amazon... If it isn't listed, I own it...


Fake, Vol 3 Fake, Vol 4 Fake, Vol 5
Fake, Vol 6 Fake, Vol 7

The Complete Far Side Public Reactions to Jack the Ripper
The South Was Right
Esperanto (Teach Yourself) (Or, any simple teach yourself Esperanto guide...)
The Complete Art of War (History and Warfare) The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Collector's Edition
I really only want the Collector's Edition offered at Amazon.
There's something about the hardcover overbook that calls to me...
Orphen Volume 2


Gundam Wing

Complete Operations Boxed Set

Endless Waltz

Ranma ½

The Digital Dojo - First Season

Hard Battle - Third Season

Outta Control - Fourth Season
Martial Mayhem - Fifth Season
Random Rhapsody - Sixth Season
Ranma Forever - Seventh Season

The Movie 1, Big Trouble in Nekonron China

The Movie 2, Nihao My Concubine

OAV Series, Episodes 1-12


Slayers - The Motion Picture

Episodes 1-26

Episodes 27-52

 The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus Megaset Orphen - The Perfect Collection
The Fifth Element - (Ultimate Edition)
Animaniacs - Vol. 2
Looney Tunes - Golden Collection The Sentinel - Season 1
Tank Girl
Dark Fury - The Chronicles of Riddick Yu Yu Hakusho - Spirit Detectives Set (Is season One)
Burn Notice - Season 1

Chuck - Season 1

Sailor Moon
Believe it or not, the series is different between the Japanese and English versions... Mostly cut scenes, dumbed-down dialogue for the American audience... etc. I don't mind the American version, but the Japanese version is far surperior.

Sailor Moon - Season One - Complete and Uncut (Japanese Language Edition)

Sailor Moon - Season Two - Complete and Uncut (Japanese Language Edition)

Sailor Moon - The Movies Dream Boxed Set

Sailor Moon S - The Complete Uncut TV Set

Sailor Moon Super S - The Complete Uncut TV Set


Mostly in order of want...
And, don't forget the player's guide if it exists :-)

Also, I keep forgetting to look up Gamecube games... So, if you're out to buy me a game, and you see something on Gamecube, I only own Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and Sims2 Pets for the Gamecube...

Systems I currently own: PC, Playstation, Playstation 2, Gameboy Advance, and Gamecube.

XBox 360
From research, I'll enjoy a Xbox 360 more than a PS3. That, and the game I have to have (FFXIII) will be on this system... If you want to get me one with more memory, oh, yes please! But, I can live with this :) Or smaller harddrive will be fine as well...
Final Fantasy XIII
YES! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! [ahem] Only if you get me an Xbox 360. I'll change this note if I get an XBox 360 before this...
Enchanted Arms
Only if I get a XBox 360, since it's a XBox 360 game!
Sony Playstation Portable Value Pack
And, hey, if you get this, don't forget games or movies to go with it, ok? {grin}
Final Fantasy Chronicles Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King
Lord of the Rings: The Third Age - PC or PS2 Chrono Cross Wild Arms 2
Wild Arms 3 Wild Arms: Alter Code F Thousand Arms
American McGee's Alice
Romancing SaGa Lunar Silver Star Story: Collectors Edition

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Forever Kingdom

RPG Maker

Dark Cloud 2 Threads of Fate Vagrant Story
Brave Fencer Musashi


Sephora Gift Certificate - online version

Sephora Gift Certificate - card version


Maiden-Ladies Over the Knee Boots
Size 9 (I measured my calf and thigh to make sure)
 Harry Potter Slytherin Costume Scarf
Because I'm a Slytherin... :)
Browncoat Shirt
Oh, this is so me! And, it's a Firefly shirt!!!


Casadorres Tequila

Cardinal Zin Red Zinfindel Wine

Scapa Scotch

Or, if you want to buy me a different Scotch, here's
my updated list of ones I've tried and want to try


Elvish Script Ring

Elvish Script Charm

 Galadriel's Ring

Hermione's Time Turner in Sterling Silver

Goats: 'Blerg. Eat Kitty.' Coaster

Elvenstar Pendant Display
For when I'm not wearing it...

Galadriel's Necklace
Aztec Coin Necklace
Marvel Overpower Cards
Because I'm still collecting the pretty, pretty cards
I collect all incarnations of the Marvel version of Overpower
Pirates collectible card game (You get ships! I have tons of them! They're cool!)
Pirates of the Spanish Main
Pirates of the Revolution
Or, basically, any pirate ship pack along those lines. (Like, Pirates of the Caribbean... hint hint. Oh, no, I don't adore that movie, not at all! :) )
Ani-Mayhem boosters - Series o
Ani-Mayhem boosters - Series 1
Yet another thing I collect...
Lego: Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer JLab Audio Miniblaster Portable Speaker for iPod nano 1G
I have an iPod nano 1st Generation. I'd prefer black, but this is so damn cool!
A Map of Diagon Alley
The Gold proof of the $10 Dolly Madison coin
Yes, it's going to cost you $500-800, but ain't I worth it? [beam] That, or I'm worth a XBox 360! :)

The Earrings Queen Gordo wears in 300
I've been looking for these in museum stores online ever since I first saw the movie. I want these earrings! Not the round ones though, the pointy ones...
Here's a picture of them. Basically, it's a curve through the ear with an arrowhead type point below the curve:
I need to do some more clay work and see if I can't make them...

Stuff I like in general:


Jewel tones

Things I like to do:
Write in notebooks
cross stitch
Beading / Jewelry Making
Play RPGs on computer/Playstation/Playstation 2/Dreamcube (The systems I currently own)


silver or platinum


My sizes:
Shoes: 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 wide
Pants: 14
Shirts: Large
Ring: Size 6 for ring finger. Goes up about a whole size to middle and index finger each...