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 Ninjababe has a new toy! Winamp is so cool! I went from not having it, to having it, and 235 skins for it,in a week! (Ninjababe went a tad overboard <g>.)

So, I'm out skipping along the pathways of the net... I'm collecting skins with abandon... And, I notice something... Like, there's barely any shonen ai/yaoi/slashy ones. Well! Ninjababe decided to fix that! (Hmmm... while she's at it, she needs to stop addressing herself in the third person!)

So, the following are my Winamp skins. Some yaoi/slashy, some not.

Please do not take any of these and put them on your website unless you ask permission first.

Don't know what yaoi or slash is? Well, listen up! Yaoi is a Japanese abbreviation which is used to signify homoerotic relationships. You know, guys loving guys. (Shonen ai translates to boy love, which is usually used for the light stuff... Yaoi is used for hardcore or just to cover the whole spectrum). Slash is the western fandom equivalent. I've put them on the bottom of the page. So, when you hit the bar, and you don't want to see the yaoi/slashy stuff, don't go down any farther!

So, Here are my skins, divided out by fandom!

I used a shareware program that I may have to register, because there's this Devil Hunter Yohko picture that I want to turn into a skin, but the unregistered version of my program will only allow you to fiddle with the main area for the skin. And, the picture I want to do needs all three sections to look good. It looks ok as just a main one, but I'm waiting till I either cave and register, or I get off my lazy behind and fiddle with the playlist and equalizer windows by hand.

Ratings for these are 1 to 5, 5 being the best. Maybe Someday I'll make some little graphic for the numbers...

Enough babbling... The skins!

Just click on the graphic of the skin to download the zip file...

Number of Skins: 14 total

By fandom:

Gundam Wing: 8 (4 yaoi)

Ranma 1/2: 1

Sailor Moon: 5

Slayers: 1

Gundam Wing Skins

Ranma 1/2

My Rating 4
A skin from a screen capture of the series of Ranma in girl form, flirting.

I like how this came out, the buttons look nice. Even though, I really wish there was some other place to put the toggle shuffle <g>.

The lettering is much clearer on the skin, it just didn't come out very well on this...

Sailor Moon

Crystal Skins

A set of 5 skins I've done, all in the same theme, the girls in formal wear, head shots, with flowers around them. Most of the titles donít make that much sense really... I basically just chose titles that go with the girl or her planet. I called the series 'Crystal Skins' after Crystal Tokyo...
My Rating for the series
I don't really like where the balance and volume buttons ended up in the picture. Oh well...

All but Serena's picture are actually pictures of two of the scouts in the same picture, I just sliced them in half. 


Future Hope


Passionate Fire
Goddess Kiss
Lightning Epiphany


Sexy Gourry
My Rating 5
Oh, <drool>.

There's probably a skin like this out there, but I had to make one <g>.

As you can see, there's a hidden equalizer window (I don't use them, so that's probably going to happen a lot now that I've figured out how to add an equalizer section to skins).

Also, my first skin that covers more than just the main window.

I have no idea where the base picture of this is from. I've had it on my harddrive for at least a year (way before I even knew what Slayers was... I just like the picture <g>).

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