Ninjababe's Just Because Award 
Ninjababe's Just Because Award 
Ninjababe's Just Because Award

I've always wanted to do my own award. So, I did! 

If you think you're webpage deserves one of my awards, just send me the URL, and I'll check it out to see if you met my rigorous qualifications, which are: 

  • The page has to catch me somehow. It's funny, educational, interesting, bizarre to the extreme...
  • In other words... I find it interesting.
  • You don't have to sign my guestbook. (I wouldn't mind it, but it's not a requirement)
  • The page doesn't need to be PG rated or under. (In fact, tastefully done adult material is a plus!)
  • You don't need to beg and grovel. (I'll listen with a big smile, but it isn't necessary)

     And, those are the requirements to win a 'Ninjababe's "Just Because" Award'! So, send those addresses and get one today! 

    Current pages that have won my award: 

    Tamatha's Toadstool A page of a fairy and her family. Don't forget to find the hidden link for more merriment! 

    Dragonstone Moor A beautifully done webpage with lots of interesting material. 

    Margie's Home page I just like it. 

    Shirl's Place She has quotes, she has nice pictures, she has purple print. 

    Glo.'s Home Page Capybaras! 

    Dave and Jen's Home Page wonderful pictures of Scotland and Australia, the rules to a future Star Wars game, all that good stuff... 

    Dee's Hideout Another nice webpage. Very graphic intensive. 

    Babes With Blades I think the title says it all. But, in case you need more... They put on exhibitions about women and swords. 

    Mark's Desk Basically, this is my father's page. I designed it for him. For that alone, he deserves my award <g>.

    What the award looks like: 

    The actual award 

    Of course, when you win your award, I ask that you provide a link to this page, just like the one imbedded in the graphic above. If you don't know how to do that, just tell me, and I'll be glad to show you how. 

    Oh yeah! The address to submit your entry to: 

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