Ninjababe's Fandoms

First, a definition or two. These are all very simplistic and brief definitions:

Fandom: A group of fans.

Fans: people who enjoy a tv show enough that they actually create webpages about it, write fiction based on the show, and go to conventions to fawn over the actors. Also, a device used to cool the air during hot weather.

Conventions: A gathering, usually in an expensive hotel, where fans meet the actors of a show to get their autograph and to brag to others that they met famous people. Also, a convention is the meeting place of merchants who come to peddle their wares that, for the most part, are hard to sell outside of the convention circuit.

And, on to my personal fandoms! I'll give a brief description of all of them so you know what you're getting into when you follow the link (for those that have links).

But... First, a few oddities and stuff!

Ninjababe's Babe List The guys I think are hunky...

Pocket Bishónen & Pocket Bishoujo Just go there and see for yourself!

Ninjababe's Winamp Skins Skins for winamp I've made. At the moment, all are anime based. Link also appears on fandom page that I've made skins for...

What Ninjababe Needs to Survive Things I really, really, want, and am always on the lookout for.

Blake's 7 Seven against an empire. They all die in the end, you know.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer  She hunts vampires. She destroys demons. She's a teenager?!

Dragonball Z A Saiyajin here, a Saiyajin there, Saiyajins everywhere! Well... not really, there's only a few left in the universe. Which is good, since just one has the power to destroy planets!

Dr Who Travel through space and time with the enigmatic Doctor! See beautiful locals, meet interesting people, have fun filled adventures! (fatality rate is about 5% of all travelers.)

due South Italian Chicago cop meets straight laced Canadian mountie. The wolf referees.

Forever Knight  800 year old vampire in Toronto works as homicide cop while searching for a way to become mortal again! Full story at eleven.

Gundam Wing A group of five teens use their honkin' big fighting robots to protect truth, justice, and the human way.

Highlander People who are immortal live among us. They stay forever young. They have nifty flashbacks. They behead each other to gain power. These are their stories.

Kung Fu: the Legend Continues  He's an orphan.  His father is dead, and living in Chinatown.  His mother is dead, and living in Paris.  His other father is alive, and is nowhere to be found. His other mother is alive, and is presumably having tea in her kitchen. He's a cop.  He's been arrested for murder, wanted for bail-jumping, and addicted to smack.  He's a priest.  He drinks, he swears, he sleeps around.  He's a pragmatist.  He's walked through the bars of an iron cage, he's traveled in time, he's journeyed to another plane of existence to battle ultimate evil.  Peter Caine -- just your ordinary, average guy.

La Femme Nikita  Forced into a life of anti-terrorist activities to keep from being killed, she's the only heroine on TV whose hair actually gets messy.

The Professionals Brit accents, fast cars, big guns, really tight jeans and no Miranda rules. Plus, an explosion here and there. What's not to love?

Red Dwarf The last human alive is a slob, and 3 million miles from Earth. His companions: a demented hologram, a cat with impeccable dress sense, a senile computer, and a talking toaster.

Sailor Moon  Teenagers use powers given to them by cats to stop the forces of evil.

The Sentinel He was born with five enhanced senses and a genetic imperative to protect the tribe -- good thing he's got a guide that likes people more than he does.

Strange World He's a doctor. He has an incurable, terminal disease. Why is he still alive?

Vengeance: Unlimited  He'll get you justice... For a price.

X-Files Conspiracies & Aliens 'R' Us. How may I help you?

X-Men Superpowered hunks and babes save the world and still look fashionable!

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