As you might have guessed, this page is all about music.  I have rather wide ranging tastes in what I listen to, but my first love is Celtic. I've been listening to Celtic music long before it became trendy and have built up quite a collection of favorites. If I listed all of them, it would take up several web pages! So, here's just a small sampling of what I really like.

A long time favorite, and in the more traditional vein is Phil Cunningham of ''Silly Wizard'' fame. He has several solo albums and has appeared on the albums of a wide range of artists. He was also a member of the band "Relativity". He produces a great deal, which leads us to... Connie Dover. She combines Celtic with the music of early America. Her voice is exquisite. I know the term "voice of an angel" is cliché, but hers is that. Loreena McKennitt is always a sure bet for wonderful music. If you only know her music from her hit "The Mummer's Dance" then you're missing a real treat. She has half a dozen other albums to check out. I'd be hard pressed to pick just one favorite, but 1985's "Elemental" would be on the list. Another perennial favorite of mine, and a group I've been fortunate enough to see live many times over the past 12 years is Golden Bough. Not only wonderful music,  but wonderful people as well.

Performers that bridge the gap between traditional and modern that I love to listen to are groups like the outstanding Capercaillie. There is the often used quote of Sean Connery's that "Karen Matheson has a throat that is surely touched by God..." you won't get any argument from me on that point. They represent some of the best of the both the past and the future of Scottish music. Then there are groups like Tempest. Traditional but with a rock beat. And in Tempest's case a little Viking rock thrown in for flavour. This is another group I've been fortunate to see live a great deal since their inception. Their concerts are always great fun  -- whether at a pub or Highland games -- a great time is had by all.

I do actually listen to music that isn't Celtic -- honest! I would have to say Cowboy Junkies leads the pack as my favorite in that group. A friend introduced me to their stuff on a trip a few years back. She told me it was angsty -- I'd like it. I did. A lot of their pieces are like stories set to music. Which I like. Another fave is Sarah McLachlan. You got it -- more angst. She writes the best depressing music....

I also listen to a lot of Big Band. I really like Glenn Miller and music of any type from the 40s. The whole swing revival is really great -- new old music! A new music for me is country. I have very few CDs. But of what I do have, I'm really enjoying Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill & Vince Gill. If you drop by sometime in the future, you might find some country links here.

There are some great music resources on the web. The Ceolas Celtic Music Archive has just about everything you ever wanted to know about Celtic music in one place. Tony's Celtic Music Page has a great selection of MIDI sound files as well as lots of other great info. If you'd like to keep track of your favorite performers and their concert dates -- check out Pollstar Concert Hotwire. It's a great service, especially for people like me who hear about a concert the day after it happens.

My favorite place to buy music is CD Universe. I get almost all my Cds from them and have always been happy with the price and the service. A great place to buy Celtic music is Green Linnet. They have a huge selection to choose from.

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