August 18, 2003

5 Questions

We're doing the "5 Questions" interview thang over on Girls!, if you'd like to come play :)

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August 16, 2003

It's Almost Here!

You can preorder the first season of Forever Knight now! Woooo!

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August 14, 2003


If you're of the female persuasion, and you'd like to participate in a group blog that really isn't about anything, drop me a line and I'll sign you up!

edithna AT yahoo DOT com

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August 9, 2003

Long Time Nothing

It's been a long time since I've posted here. As I figured would happen, once Gaggle was no longer a group blog, I find most of my posting happening there. So you may want to pop into Absinthe & Cookies to see more frequent posts.

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