April 30, 2003

As Promised

Here is the link to the Laurell Hamilton interview. It's an audio interview which I haven't had a chance to listen to yet.

The main page is here.

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Not Of The "We"

According to this guy, "Jennifer Lopez continues to fascinate and resonate. The tabloids can't get enough of her and neither can we."

Speak for yourself! I can honestly say that Jennifer Lopez is one of the last things I want more of. In fact, about the only time I think of her is when I see articles like this one and wonder what in the heck people see in her. I've asked the guys at work, but other than something about her butt, there was no good explanation.

Never seen her in a movie, couldn't tell you what songs she sings, just don't get it!

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April 29, 2003

What Are You Doing?

Okay, so I can't seem to think of anything fascinating to post about, so I'm making it up as I go along!

What's in your CD player right now?
Connie Dover: The Border of Heaven

What book are you reading?
The Seven Houses

What book did you just finish?
Cerulean Sins

What's the last DVD/video you watched?
Season two/volume two Stargate: SG1 (thanks, Roberta!)

What are you watching on TV tonight?
American Idol, 24. Taping: JAG, Gilmore Girls, Manor House

What was the last thing someone gave you?
A Big Sur Marathon t-shirt from the weekend.

What was the last project you completed?
Finishing and uploading the "Bloodties Primer"


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Tea Rec

On our way back from Disneyland last weekend, we stopped at a place in Oxnard called "The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf". I wanted a nice cup of black tea, and the guy at the counter reccomended "Southern Iced Tea Blend" hot. I was dubious, but I went along with it, and I'm glad I did! It was wonderful. It's a strong blend og black teas with rose petals of all things. I really liked it and bought myself a tin.

Also got a jar "Swedish Berries" infusion and am really enjoying it as well.

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I Love Space Art II

Another favorite:


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I Love Space Art

I found a bunch of great space art here and over here.

This one is now my wallpaper:


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April 28, 2003


I get to be CIA Director! [does the patented Ninjababe Dance of Glee and Destruction]

I'd like to thank all the little people. (no, not really, but you're supposed to say that)

( I knew watching La Femme Nikita would come in handy one day)

(And I didn't have to blackmail anyone either)

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April 26, 2003


I was looking at some Royo art on the web, and discovered that Liv Tyler had posed for one of his pieces.

So it's sort of a LotR post!

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Because Mickey Asked

Never done one of these, but anything for a friend, right?

Saturday Silly Questions

1.What inanimate object do you always seem to be looking for?
(ie: car keys, stapler, rubber band)

The packing tape at work.

2.What shows on TV would *you* cancel?

Since it would probably be something I don't watch, I don't know :) Hmmm... Fear Factor, The Bachelor, Scare Tactics, Touched By an Angel since I'm still bitter about Christy!

3.What have you gotten into lately that surprised you?
(Books, actor, movie, genre, mailing list etc)

Mystery novels. Been reading the Rei Shimura and the Sano Ichiro Series.

4.Where's the first place you go on the computer, after you check your mail? If it's a web site, which one?

I have tabs in Netscape, so the first tab has my blogs, Rachel's, Andrea's, Gary's, and The Corner

5.Who is your favorite cartoon character?

I loved Caspar the Friendly Ghost when I was little.

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April 25, 2003

LKH Interview

If you're a Laurell K. Hamilton fan, you may want to check out this interview with her.

One of my favorite bits:

Early in your career, you wrote a Star Trek media tie-in book, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Night Shade #24. How much freedom did you have to work in an universe that was already created and very popular? Did you get any feedback on the book from any Star Trek people?

Hamilton: I knew going in that I was playing in someone else's sandbox, with someone else's toys. I actually had more freedom to play than I thought I would.

My biggest surprise came when the editor sent the first draft back and told me I could torture Capt. Picard. He had not been tortured on the television show at that time. I replied, "I can torture Picard, really?" They said, yes, as long as it was clean futuristic torture. No blood and guts. OK. I enjoyed the experience.

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April 23, 2003


From SciFi Wire: Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings films, told the BBC Online that he will add 43 minutes of deleted scenes to the upcoming DVD release of The Two Towers. The extended-version DVD of The Fellowship of the Ring had an extra 32 minutes.

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April 17, 2003

The Extreme

Excellent post over at The Edge Of England's Sword on "Secular Fundamentalism". No permalinks, so scroll down to April 16, and look for "Secular Fanatics".

An excerpt:

One of my favorite Simpsons jokes occurs at a prison rodeo the family attends. After a rider is thrown off and obviously seriously injured, the warden/announcer comments "Don't worry too much about him, folks. He's in for erecting a nativity scene on public property." The crowd boos and Marge comments, "So much evil in the world."

I am happy to have grown up in an avowedly Christian country. Collective worship every morning at school and a sense of the history, tradition and national role of the Church of England helped shape me. Yet it seems that this great benefit is yet another thing that is being thrown away in the mad drive to "modernize" Britain. It is ironic, as Daniel Johnson points out in his Telegraph column, The threat of secular fundamentalism, that one of the leading opponents of this movement is an American-born Jew, Oliver Letwin: What I take to be Letwin's main point is to defend the established Church of England against the intolerance of "state secularism". It may seem paradoxical that a Jewish atheist should defend faith schools and the right of Anglican bishops to sit in the House of Lords, or that the strict separation of Church and State does not seem preferable to a man born and bred in America.

Yet Letwin is a true British Conservative: he values our constitution, Christian through and through, because it has preserved our liberties for centuries. Not only the liberties of Christians, either: Jews, Muslims and others, too, prefer the status quo.

....Secular fundamentalism is as much of an internal threat to our civilisation today as the external one of religious fundamentalism. Our leaders are tempted to abandon the distinctively Christian claims on our historical imagination. With Passiontide upon us, the tragic consequences of such a betrayal should be in the forefront of our thoughts.

As they say, read it all.

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April 15, 2003


There's a new story up on the Bloodties Archive called "Not Without Loss" by Altariel. A little different from some of our fic -- this one has Cassandra in it. Go figure!

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Finally, the Ennis Sister's new CD is available in the States! Check it out: It's Not About You. You'll be glad you did :)

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Never Drink & Book Shop!

Jen and Dave came down Saturday, and we all met up with Carolyn at the pool hall. After several hours of drinking, and eating, and drinking, some of us were thinking about dinner. (not me!) We decided to drive down to the Barnyard, and browse the bookstore to waste some time till I could even contemplate dinner. Bad choice! Being in a book store under the influence of alcohol is a not good idea. I ended up walking out of there with a bag full of books, along with one on order.

I got The Bride's Kimono, The Fiery Cross, Onion Girl, and my whim book (or maybe that should be my under the influence book!) Seven Houses. On order is: Cerulean Sins.

See what I mean?

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April 10, 2003

This Is Funny

April's making a lemon sour apple martini thing....

Don't ask.

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Due to a troll problem on Gaggle, I've had to ban a range of IP addresses. If you try to comment and it won't let you, that's why. Sorry for the trouble, but there's always one bad apple out there!

You can always email me your comment and I'll post it from my end.

Thanks everyone!

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April 9, 2003

Why Am I Happy?

I've seen this post all over today, so I may as well add myself to the list! It's one of those things that does a great job of saying what you wish you had the talent to write. Or something like that!

Tim Blair writes:

I SHOULDN'T be so happy. After all, I'm a right-wing deathbeast, and the end (or near end) of a war should upset me, because we conservatives lust for war all the time. Except when we have to fight it ourselves, of course. Being chickenhawks and all.

And the toppling of a fascist dictator should have me all weepy and nostalgic for Hitler. Because I'm a fascist, according to much of the mail I receive.

Those Iraqis dancing in the streets? That should really piss me off, because I want to oppress them and steal their oil. Why are they even able to dance? I was promised 500,000 murders, yet thus far only 1,000 or so innocents have died.

So why am I so damn happy? I really can't explain.

I'd go and ask some oppression-hating anti-fascist peace activists about it, but for some reason they're all incredibly depressed.


This has been a great day! No matter what comes in the days ahead, the sight this morning of jubilant Baghdad crowds dancing and hugging Marines after pulling down Saddam's statue will be one that I'll always remember.

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No Buffy Spinoff This Fall

"There will be no Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff series, at least not next fall, cast and crew of the UPN series told E! Online. "Somewhere down the line," Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) told the site. "I reckon there will be a Buffy spinoff. There's no rush on my part, and I know the fans will wait."

The site also reported that Head and James Marsters (Spike) may make the transition to The WB's spinoff series Angel in the meantime. "I think maybe I will," Head said. "I talked to one of the writers about it and said it might be quite fun to bring me over there. It's such an open book, and that's what makes it so exciting.""

Via SciFi Wire

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Urban & Diesel!

"Karl Urban (Eomer in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) has joined Vin Diesel in the upcoming SF film The Chronicles of Riddick, according to The Hollywood Reporter."

Via SciFi Wire

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I found this great article via Right Wing News

Puppy dogs of war lift spirits of troops in Iraq


NASIRIYAH, Iraq -- After one firefight on the Euphrates River, the acrid smoke cleared and a U.S. Marine handed Staff Sgt. Nelson Hidalgo two casualties of the war and poverty in Iraq.

The mother was dying of hunger, unable to nurse her young, who were on the verge of starving, too. The "barbarians," as Marines with the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance unit are called, were about to become proud parents.

"We scooped the babies right up," said Hidalgo, nodding at the white puppy chowing down on a military MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) of pasta and vegetables beneath the gun turret of the armored vehicle.

"She only eats Italian food."

Hidalgo's platoon was fresh from fighting its way out of an ambush 80 miles south of Baghdad.

The Marines got out, and so did Mary Jane, an all-white fluff ball, and her twin brother, Nas, named after the southern Iraqi city where the unit has been fighting. He is black with white paws.

Consider them two very lucky pups of war.

"Makes you feel good they are not living like other dogs in Iraq," said Hidalgo. Mary Jane rides with him and his crew. Nas rides with tough-talking Gunnery Sgt. Russell Strack, whose post-puppy personality change has stunned some of the Marines.

In the last week, Strack and Nas have bonded.

Nas travels on Strack's vehicle and curls up at night in Strack's sleeping bag. He bites Strack's ear and yips when he needs to get out.

"He's one smart dog," said Strack.

When Nas was missing in action one morning, Strack and his fellow Marines scrambled to find him. He was nowhere.

Then one Marine said, "Gunny, did you check the sleeping bag?"

Sure enough, when Strack shook the sleeping bag, there was Nas.

"He wasn't very happy with us," said Strack, "but we gave him a beef and mushroom MRE, and he got over it."

"Gunny is hard-core, a real tough Marine," a lance corporal said. "Ever since he had the puppy, he's like a little kid. He doesn't yell as much."

"I never yell," said Strack. "I just motivate."

~on to the rest of the story

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April 6, 2003

Not A Surprise

Middle Ages were warmer than today, say scientists

Claims that man-made pollution is causing "unprecedented" global warming have been seriously undermined by new research which shows that the Earth was warmer during the Middle Ages.

From the outset of the global warming debate in the late 1980s, environmentalists have said that temperatures are rising higher and faster than ever before, leading some scientists to conclude that greenhouse gases from cars and power stations are causing these "record-breaking" global temperatures.

Last year, scientists working for the UK Climate Impacts Programme said that global temperatures were "the hottest since records began" and added: "We are pretty sure that climate change due to human activity is here and it's accelerating."

This announcement followed research published in 1998, when scientists at the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia declared that the 1990s had been hotter than any other period for 1,000 years.

Such claims have now been sharply contradicted by the most comprehensive study yet of global temperature over the past 1,000 years. A review of more than 240 scientific studies has shown that today's temperatures are neither the warmest over the past millennium, nor are they producing the most extreme weather - in stark contrast to the claims of the environmentalists.

The review, carried out by a team from Harvard University, examined the findings of studies of so-called "temperature proxies" such as tree rings, ice cores and historical accounts which allow scientists to estimate temperatures prevailing at sites around the world.

The findings prove that the world experienced a Medieval Warm Period between the ninth and 14th centuries with global temperatures significantly higher even than today.

They also confirm claims that a Little Ice Age set in around 1300, during which the world cooled dramatically. Since 1900, the world has begun to warm up again - but has still to reach the balmy temperatures of the Middle Ages.

Now, of course, the environmentalists aren't going to let fact get in the way of their fantasy -- when have they ever? -- but it's nice to see one more brick in the wall. For those of us who have looked at history, and that "anecdotal evidence", this isn't a surprise at all.

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April 5, 2003

New Word

Misha adds a new word to the dictionary:

Theophobia: n. The irrational fear of and opposition to ANY sort of belief system, most often leading to the misinterpretation of the 1st Amendment's "Freedom OF Religion" to mean "Freedom FROM Religion."

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Our New Motto


Image courtesy of James Lileks

In case you don't know the story, this was what a liberated Iraqi shouted to our troops as they went by.

I love it! We've got your democracy, your whiskey, and even your sexy :)

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Making Their Brain Hurt


Day by Day 3.31.03

This comic just keeps getting better and better!

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Some shameless self-promotion here!

I run a bunch of email lists, some are actualy active, some are as dead as a Norwegian Blue Parrot. One that's fighting its way up to being active is Celts In Space -- The List. So if you're interested in Celtic type history, music, myth, travel, come and give us a shot!

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Home Fires

Keeping the home fires burning at this website.

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Stupid Moves

The Labour candidate for Orkney - who has never even been there

LABOUR Party managers were trying to cope last night with the most embarrassing disclosure of the campaign so far - their candidate for Orkney has never been to the islands.

Richard Meade, 25, Labour's hopeful for the seat, told The Scotsman that not only had he never been to Orkney, he had never travelled further north than Inverness - 157 miles from his prospective constituency.

Mr Meade, a Yorkshireman by birth, insisted he would go to the islands to campaign - but not for another ten days, when he gets time off work.

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April 2, 2003


The Fat Diaries

found via La Diosa del Lago

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April 1, 2003


Nin went bonkers in honour of the day.

(she scares me sometimes)

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Not So Pretty

The Talking Sauron Doll!


They have a talking Treebeard too.

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Looky at the new LotR stuff!


Very nice!

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