February 28, 2003

Break Time

Nin, my brother, and me, are heading to Disneyland where we'll meet up with our friend Roberta, who is flying in from Boston.

It's my brother's birthday present, and my mini vacation, so I'm looking forward to it! Besides Disneyland, there's the added attraction of Sephora!

See you all Wednesday!

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If You Can't Beat 'Em....


~ Day By Day ~ by Chris Muir ~

I've joined Nin and Ealasaid in the webcomic thing. It had to happen eventually!

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February 27, 2003

I Know, I Know!

It's been days and days since my last Lord of the Rings post. [hangs head in shame]. Meanwhile, Andrea has an even bigger "Killer Hobbit" on her site. How will I ever be able to compete with that?

I'm a "Tolkien Geek" failure [sniff]

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I finally finished a piece of fanfic I've been working on for something like three years. (Another 'Bloodties' story, of course.) Seems since I started blogging, all my writing fire has gone into posts for Gaggle, and I lost the muse for fiction. That was an unexpected side effect!

Anywho, it's being beta read, and hopefully it will be up on the archive in a few weeks!

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Check out operation "TroopTrax" over at Michele's

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February 26, 2003

Speaking Of Introverts....

On a bizarre whim, I decided to sign up for one of those online matchmaking thingies. You have no idea how out of character this step is. I just don't have much luck with the opposite sex when it comes to anything but my guy friends. You know, the ones who tell me that if they weren't married.... or, you're not a girl, you're a Denise.... Uh huh. Does wonders for my self confidence -- or lack thereof. I haven't been out with a guy in so long, I'm not sure this isn't the most ridiculous thing I've ever decided to do. On the other hand, it's just coffee. Assuming, of course, anyone has any interest whatsoever in seeking out my company for even a measly caffeine bearing beverage at Starbucks. And if they do, they don't run away screaming.

Did I mention I don't interact well with the male of the species?


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Like A Walnut!

From Quantum Tea

I need total peace and quiet. I'm in touch with a creative love vibe from the center of the earth, tapped into my own special personal meditative wavelength, tuned in to all the earth's positive energy. I think you know what I'm driving at: Disturb me, and I'll crack your skull like a walnut.

Kinda goes with the introvert theme I have going.

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Caring For Your Introvert

Found this nifty little article via Lynn at Reflections in D minor

Are introverts arrogant? Hardly. I suppose this common misconception has to do with our being more intelligent, more reflective, more independent, more level-headed, more refined, and more sensitive than extroverts. Also, it is probably due to our lack of small talk, a lack that extroverts often mistake for disdain. We tend to think before talking, whereas extroverts tend to think by talking, which is why their meetings never last less than six hours. "Introverts," writes a perceptive fellow named Thomas P. Crouser, in an online review of a recent book called Why Should Extroverts Make All the Money? (I'm not making that up, either), "are driven to distraction by the semi-internal dialogue extroverts tend to conduct. Introverts don't outwardly complain, instead roll their eyes and silently curse the darkness." Just so.

Darned tootin!

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February 24, 2003

Moving On Up

Hemlines are moving up up up!

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Terrible Things

Found this over at GiParty. T'is funny!

Terrible Things

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Police field complaint about busty snow woman

Crystal Lynn went for realism when she built her snow woman - celery for the eyes, a carrot for the nose and two blobs of snow for the breasts.

The last turned out to be a no-no, as someone complained to Kent police about what he called an indecent snow figure.

And a police officer showed up at her apartment door minutes after she completed her work.

"He said that I should cut off her breasts, but I said no woman wants that," Lynn, 35, said.

She didn't want to knock down the snow woman. And the figure was too busty to be covered by a shirt. So Lynn opted to drape a ruffled maroon tablecloth around her shoulders.

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February 23, 2003

Pond Scum

This is so nasty, that I'm cross blog posting it.

Wayne at the Tocquevillian gave me the heads up on this post of his. Apparently, some Maine schoolteachers are demeaning the roles of their students' deployed parents. That has to be about the most disgusting thing I've heard in quite awhile.

Just when you think the Left can't sink any lower.

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Things That Go Bump In The Night

Via Andrea, some spooky things to make you shriek!

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February 22, 2003

What's Not To Love?

Michele had a post that asked the question, "what is there to like about America?" Solonor took all the replies and created a webspace just for them, broken down state by state. Go take a look!

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Happiness Is...

A warm kitty in your lap while you waste time at the computer. It's sucj a great excuse not to get up... musn't disturb the po' baby!

(Cider, my little cherub/demon cat is doing lap duty right now.)

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Too Funny

This video is a hoot!

What do they say about not having a battle of wits with an unarmed person???

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It's Nice Being Loved

Via Andrea, comes a link to Paolo in Italy

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February 20, 2003

Peace In Middle Earth

Looks like all is not well in Middle Earth....

Many of the people protesting war in Mordor agreed with Saruman’s remarks. “Sauron says he’s destroyed his Rings of Mass Destruction (RMD) and that’s good enough for me,” said one fellow carrying a sign that said “Elrond is a Balrog.” Another demonstrator urged, “Give the RMD inspectors more time. There’s no reason to rush to any judgment just because Mount Doom is belching lava, the Dark Tower is rebuilt, and Osgiliath has been decimated.” A third protester piped up, “I haven’t heard a single bit of convincing evidence connecting the Nazgul with Sauron. I think they destroyed Osgiliath on their own initiative without any support from Sauron. Besides, it’s understandable they’re angry with Gondor. We haven’t done nearly as much for the Orcs and Goblins and Easterlings as the Nazgul and Sauron have. It’s understandable they throw their support to them. It’s our own fault really.”

Go read the whole thing here.

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February 19, 2003

I Could Have Told You

Got this article from my AAA newsletterl about how the Okanagan is the up and coming Napa. I love the Okanagan! My granparents in Smithers used to go most every fruit picking season to get fruit for canning. Sounds like I may need to make a trip one of these days! Maybe I'll see Ogopogo this time....

The Burrowing Owl Winery overlooks a landscape straight out of Stagecoach, complete with pinto ponies, timber corrals, and sagebrush-dotted hills. But this is no Hollywood back lot. There are scorpions here, and long-legged burrowing owls, which nest in abandoned badger holes. A few years ago, black bears, perhaps sniffing for blueberries, ate seven tons of Burrowing Owl's chardonnay crop. In fact, the winery's award-winning merlot does taste faintly of blueberries.

Bears? Blueberries?

Welcome to wine country, Canadian style.

If you think Canada is too cold and wet to produce terrific wine, you're right—sort of. But 100 miles east of Vancouver, far from the city's cool, cosmopolitan trappings, sits the Okanagan, an arid stretch of landscape that appears somewhat out of place north of the border. Through this warm and lovely valley runs a long, deep lake purportedly inhabited by a serpentine monster called Ogopogo. Families from Vancouver and Calgary have been coming here for countless summers to golf, pick fruit, and float around the lake in inflatable rubber Ogopogos.

The rest of the article is here.

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Frozen Flood

They've had some terrible flooding in Newfoundland, and then the flood water froze, making a bad situation even worse.

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Not Your Grandpa's Studebaker


Avanti Motor Corp. has announced plans to roll out a 2004 Studebaker Xtreme Utility Vehicle (XUV), despite a recent lawsuit filed by General Motors claiming it "knocks off" the shape of GM's Hummer H2.

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Idiocy Knows No Bounds

There are people who actually get paid to think up stupid ideas like this:

A Los Angeles woman is suing the Sci-Fi Channel because she was a "nonconsenting and unwitting victim" of a hidden camera prank that caused her to believe that she was actually being chased by a space alien on a remote desert road in California. According to a Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed this week, Kara Blanc thought she was headed last March to an "exclusive Hollywood industry party" with two actors (who, unbeknownst to Blanc, were working on the reality show "Scare Tactics") when the trio's car appeared to stall. At that point, the two male actors were set upon by an "alien," which caused Blanc to take off "running for her life through a dark, desert canyon area."

The rest of the story is here.

I've seen ads for this, and, at the time, thought that they surely couldn't be setting up unwitting people for some sort of terror version of Candid Camera. But gee, they are!! What stupid idiot at SciFi thought this was a good idea? What if the poor woman had had a gun in her purse and instead of running, shot the 'alien'?? I hope she takes SciFi to the cleaners. Yeah, being terrorized and made to think you're going to die is 'entertainment'.


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February 18, 2003


America's Finest

Thanks to Blogs of War for the link.

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February 17, 2003

The Weekend

We spent last night at Jen's since it was too late to drive home. I'm oh so sleepy, but at least I was off today!

Friday, I ordered a new monitor, since mine is dying. It is seven years old, so I suppose it's to be expected! Saturday, it seemed we'd never get out of the house. Couldn't find Jen's Xmas gifts and a dozen other little snaffles slowed us down. As we headed out of town, traffic was all backed up going into town on Del Monte -- dopey little anti-war folks snarling it all up. It would have been nice to go out there with a sign to confuse them. "No Oil For Pacifists", or "Save the Environment, Remove Saddam". Looking at their signs, you wonder if they ever met a cliche they didn't like. Funny how none of them are protesting Saddam! I wonder why they aren't demanding he disarm so there is no war, or why they aren't demanding he stop torturing and murdering his people? I think it's because most of them are more driven by hate for their country than they are by any concern for the Iraqi people. Hell, Saddam has slaughtered more of his own people than are killed in most wars! And these protesters supposedly want to save lives? I don't get it. Maybe I need to do drugs to get my brain to figure it all out.

So, we made it out of town, and got to Jen's without further incident. Once there we vegged for a while, then had dinner before going to see"Daredevil" on IMAX. Yipes!! Big and loud!! Movie was okay, but from the ads, I thought there would be more of Jennifer Garner. So that was a little disappointing.

Sunday, I made my infamous French Toast -- but needing a rename to remove the word "French" [g] -- April made her cooked drinking chocolate, and Jen made lots of bacon. We then watched the DVD of Lethal Weapon while April redesigned her blog (Jen and Dave have a new 21' monitor). Then came the moment we'd all been waiting for!! We recreated Coffee Diablo! Considering all we had was the video Jen made of the preparation when we were in Reno, it came out remarkably close to what we remembered tasting in October. Then we watched XXX, had dinner where there was much discussion as to what we should do for my 40th BD in July. Many ideas, but noting I'm sure I can afford! We then watched Sweet Home Alabama" -- good movie! -- and last, but not least, we hit the hot tub and drank a little champagne. April didn't want to hot tub, so she was our Cabana Girl [g]

A few hours sleep, then it was back home so April could be at work by 9am. I took a nap, and now am procrastinating building the new desk I bought so my new monitor will have a place to sit when it comes in tomorrow.

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February 15, 2003


Heading out for the weekend and may or may not get a chance to post.

Till monday!

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February 14, 2003

What a Day!

I got a Valentine from a married man! (April said is sounded much better that way!)

Okay, so here's the story. I was looking at the referrer log for Gaggle, and saw a bunch from moxie.nu. Wondering why that was happening, I clicked on over and found a lovely Valentine from Gary aka Right Wing Texan to me and his other favorite lady bloggers. I've never gotten a Valentine from a guy before, so it was an all around banner day for me!

Thank you, Gary for making this spinster's day!

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A sentiment I can get behind on V Day

From David Frum's Diary:

I’ve never liked the Valentine’s Day holiday. Our culture celebrates romantic love morning, noon, and night 364 days a year – and then sets aside one special day every February to really rub the lovelesses’ noses in it. Not so nice. So: if you are lucky enough to have a sweetheart, of course you must kiss her (or him) today. But if you want to do a good deed, give a thought to the many lonely people around you: the divorced, the widowed, the unlucky – and maybe, if you have a spare dollar or two, you might want to send a small anonymous bouquet to one of them. Oh – and send it to the office, where everybody can see.
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Happy Anti-Valentines!

Bah Humbug, I say!!

But, I did have one really happy moment today. John Hawkins of Right Wing News put Gaggle on a list of blogs to read while he's on vacation. I could not believe it!! Half the time I don't think anyone even reads my blogs, so it was a really nice surprise! Go me!!

In other news, Nin phoned me from work to say her boss bought a four pound box of See's for the pharmacy, and K gave her a bag of candy, and is buying her a nice sugary full-of-caffeine Strabucks drink!! Dear god!

And, I need to get a new monitor. Mine is currently dying, so it's off to Staples after work to get a new one. Not something I was planning on having to spend money on right now.

But I'm still happy!

Now I need to head to work. Later!

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February 13, 2003

A Nice Mindless Post

It's Nin's fault! (and since her MT template is frelled, I can't give you the permalink. But just visit her blog --it's kewl!)

I took a goofy test, and here's the result. I can only say, "Only in my dreams!" (I'm a mousey wallflower in RL)

You are the exotic pin-up. Nothing about you is
ordinary. You are mysterious and lean toward
foreign places and exciting men.

What Type Of Retro Gal Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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February 12, 2003

What's Wrong With People?

This is just an all around crappy day and I seem to be taking it out on other people's comments.

Some nimnull on Rachel's blog was very obnoxious to her and then some other guy belittled my defense of her (amongst others). Normally, I don't bother responding to jerks, because it's just like when I was in school and being bullied -- reacting is what they want. I learned to keep it all buried so they couldn't get any pleasure from my anger or my fear. But today I don't give a damn. I'm emotionally exhausted after attending Mikey's funeral and internment, my head aches from crying, and I'm so tired. And I don't normally defend myself, but I always defend my friends. I'm a regular old mama bear I guess.

Do people have so little in their lives that they get some sick joy out of demeaning and belittling people on their blogs? I just don't get it. Why can't they make mature arguments if they're opposed to something, and not stoop to insults and nastiness? Is it because they're incapable of original thought? Is it because they're emotionally stunted? Or are they just plain mean? I often wonder what happened to the bullies from school, and I can only assume they turned into the adults that now like to go around to other people's blogs and tear them down. Figures!

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February 11, 2003

No War For Dilthium?

Andrea links to an interesting article on "Bearded Spock America".

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February 9, 2003

The Commemorative Drinking Game Post

Frodo stares -- and stares, and stares. forget the glass, this calls for the bottle!

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February 8, 2003

Terrorist FAQ

Here's your dose of humour for the weekend!

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February 7, 2003

Stare, Take A Drink

Okay, here's the promised LotR drinking game. This is a rough draft, so go out and test the sucker as much as you like and feel free to offer any additions and/or suggestions. Anything that requires additional consumption of alcoholic beverages is a good thing!

I can't take all the credit (or the blame for that matter) for the following. Many thanks to my cocreatorix, April.

The Ring talks -- drink Frodo puts on the Ring -- 2 drink Frodo goes squirrelly -- drink Frodo stares -- drink Sam protects Frodo -- drink Merry eats something -- drink Pippin does something stupid -- two drinks Boromir puts on a tutu and dances Swan Lake -- drink the whole bottle and put the *real* movie in! Nazgul screams -- drink Aragorn explains something -- two drinks Pippin says he's hungry -- drink Pippin talks about food -- drink Anytime someone says 'Sauron' -- drink Anytime someone says 'The Enemy' -- two drinks Anytime Gandalf is smoking a pipe -- three drinks Aragorn has a swordfight -- drink Someone speaks Elvish -- drink Someone calls Aragorn 'Strider' -- drink The Ring mysteriously leaves the chain around Frodo's neck -- drink Gandalf does magic -- drink Someone fights with a nonconventional weapon -- two drinks
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February 5, 2003

Made Me Smile

A Flaming Marshmallow Balrog Contest

(with pictures)

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A friend of April's died today. He was a great young man. He'd been getting brain tumors all his life, one brain surgery after another, and this time, they couldn't do anything for him. Mikey was sweet, and happy, and cheerful. You'd never know how much suffering he'd experienced in his young life. He bought tickets for us all to see "Attack of the Clones" on opening night last year. When I tried to pay him back, he said I could take him to see the third movie when it came out. I'll never be able to do that now.

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February 4, 2003

So Evil!!

A while back, we created a website for our friend Jayne. She's one of those people that work long hours for other people and -- I don't think -- gets nearly enough credit. She takes care of her mom, runs LCA every year, and manages the NBN. But we hadn't done anything new to the site in a while, so in a fit of the crazies, we set up a Cafe Press store to sell her official merchandise. I just made the announcement, and I can't wait for her reaction [g]

(I'm particularly fond of the thong....)

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Run Away!

First, there was the "Aragorn Bobble Head", and now, something even better!!

[drum roll]

The Legolas Bobble Head Doll!!!


It's "magnificent"!

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This Post Inspired By A Random Comment

Over on Small Victory, Andrea made a comment that included "Forever Knight", which caused me to comment that FK is my "favorite show no one else has ever heard of". Until that moment, I hadn't thought of FK, the show that changed my life (literally), that way.

So, what's your "favorite show no one else has ever heard of"? Or, for that matter, "favorite movie/song/book no one else has ever heard of"

Hey, I have the flu, so sue me!

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Home sick with the flu and pretty much spending my time web surfing, tweaking my blogs, and watching FOX news. Not to mention I drank a whole huge pot of tea!

Anyway, I'm watching the news, and reading the news, and lots of it is about the memorial for the Columbia crew. I'm struck at how comforting the President is. I've been amazed at the depth of emotion in his speeches and in talking to us. For someone that wasn't noted as being a great speaker, you'd think he'd had some sort of metamorphosis. I don't think that's it though. I think it was always there, but it's only there for the real stuff, the stuff that's important. And I like it that way. I don't need a glib and ever-smooth President, I need one that actually cares about what's important and isn't thinking only of how he looks on TV. I'm comforted to know that he's in the White House, and I thank God that he's our President in these dark days. I know he can't fix everything that's wrong, but I do know that he's doing his best -- and that's all I ask for.

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A follow up on my post from last week on the SALTS program. I sent a bunch of emails, and I've gotten quite a few replies. Some just wanting to thank me, and others looking for pen pals. And on a related note, we sent out a big envelope of Valentines cards to the troops. I'm hoping they'll get where they're going!

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February 1, 2003

"Aloft In Solitudes Of Space"

Rest In Peace

Almighty Ruler of the all, Whose Power extends to great and small, Who guides the stars with steadfast law, Whose least creation fills with awe, O grant thy mercy and thy grace, To those who venture into space.

~ R A Heinlein


The Crew of Columbia Space Shuttle Mission STS-107

Col. Rick Husband
Commander, 45, was married with two children, making second trip to space.

Lt. Col. Michael Anderson
Payload commander, 43, was married, went into orbit once before.

Cmdr. William McCool
Pilot, 41, was married, making his first journey to space.

Col. Ilan Ramon
First Israeli in space, 48, was a payload specialist with four children.

Pilot Capt. David Brown
U.S. Navy captain, 46, made his first flight into space.

Cmdr. Dr. Laurel Clark
41-year-old physician, of Wisconsin, was married with one child.

Dr. Kalpana Chawla
First India-born woman in space, 41, was an engineer.


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