January 31, 2003


Nin is playing Lord of the rings captions over on her blog if you want to add your own. Plus, she has a nifty blog, and more people should read it -- IMHO.

She's the funny one in our house.

(also the really strange one....)

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January 30, 2003

Gratuitous Elf Post

Inspired by Andrea's "Gratuitous Hobbit Post", I decided it was high time for a Lord of the Rings post! After all, I haven't done one since Monday! So this is my "Gratuitous Elf Post".

I love Elves. I really do. And that's the one thing that the movies can't quite give me, is the Elves of my imagination. I'm not disappointed, because I never expected them to exist on film. After all, how can you portray inhumanly beautiful and fey creatures? While Hugo Weaving has an absolutely delicious voice, he comes nowhere near my teenage crush induced vision of Elrond. And Glorfindel, one of my other favorites, gets thrown in a ditch somewhere by Arwen. (Oddly enough, Celeborn, who is a huge doofus in the books, is exactly as I imagined on film!) The closest the film gets to my vision of Elves would be Galadriel -- and that's more due to Cate Blanchet's presence than in look. But she comes closest to grasping that indefinable something that exists in Elven kind.

Elves are the reason I adore "The Silmarillion". I know, it's an acquired taste, but nowhere else is there enough material to sate my passion for the Eldar race. Apparently, movie moguls are looking far and wide for Tolkien type projects with the huge success of the first two movies. I'm hoping they might pick something out of the "Silmarillion". If you get through all the creation bits, and the genealogies, there are some wonderful stories. The tale of Luthien and Beren would make a great movie. It has romance, adventure, angst, and a love that lasts through death and beyond.

One of the things about Sam I always related to was his love of Elves. He wanted to do nothing more than to go see them. And he got his wish. What was the quote, when asked what he thought of them? "They're a bit beyond my likes and dislikes," I think it was. He was probably right.

There was a quote of Tolkien's, that has stuck in my mind for more than twenty years: "The Elves have left us, and we have not mourned to see them go."

I have.

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January 28, 2003

Spot The Shuttle

Spot the Shuttle from Your Backyard

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January 27, 2003

Dazed & Confused

Apprently, confused travelers are trying to book trips to Mordor....

Travellers trying to track down the best holiday spots are confusing fact with fiction due to the success of blockbuster films, it was revealed today.

People searching the Internet for real-life breaks away have been accessing sites for make-believe places which feature in the latest Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies. Hogwarts ­ the school in the Harry Potter films ­ and the Lord of the Rings’ destinations of Mordor and Rivendell have all featured in searches on the website Yahoo Travel.

According to Yahoo, the latest Lord of the Rings film The Two Towers has sparked much interest in genuine sites in New Zealand as well. Morgan Williams, travel producer, at yahoo.co.uk , said: “It is interesting to see the effect that certain films, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, can have on people’s imagination. “Personally I’d never want to go to Mordor (the ‘baddies’ stronghold in The Two Towers). The film’s real location, New Zealand, on the other hand, is a truly magical place.”

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January 26, 2003

Umm, Okay

Cloned cows 'can make own cheese'

IT WILL horrify the French, (well, that has to be a good thing ~ Ith) put Daisy the cow out of a job, and bring the price of cheese crashing down. Scientists in New Zealand have cloned a herd of cows designed to produce genetically enhanced milk that almost turns itself into cheese.

Cows have previously been genetically modified to produce medicinal proteins in their milk, but researchers have now created nine cows engineered to produce milk that can be turned into cheese far faster and more easily.

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January 25, 2003

Ain't No Dummy

Chiana, one of our fairly recent stray kitty additions, still tries to cover her food. (I think she's trying to bury it because she scratches around the floor in a burying motion.) So, she's doing the faux burying thing, then leaves. A few minutes later, she comes back with a piece of netting from somewhere, and covers the dish with it!

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For Our Troops!

From Misha, a great idea for showing your support for our troops -- send them a Valentine!

Update: SALTS Here you can send email to any deployed ship in the USN. I just sent a bunch to different ships.

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Arwen At Helms Deep

Just think, instead of everyone saying, "There were no Elves at Helms Deep!", we could all be shouting "There was no Arwen at Helms deep!!"


A friend sent me the pic, along with the following:

Hey, I just got a copy of a screen cap from TTT--apparently they really did film Arwen at Helm's Deep and then edited her out of almost every frame. If you go frame by frame, you can see her for a fraction of a second riding out behind Theoden in their last-ditch attack on the orcs. I knew it!!

We dodged the bullet with this one!

But I'm still betting Arwen will show up on the Paths of the Dead!

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January 24, 2003

More Ways To Spend Those Dollars!

(you can thank me later)

The folks that make all those kewl LotR swords and such are looking to offer even more! Click here to get to their site, and here for the details.

I still want the Arwen Katana!

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Hearts, Flowers, & Orcs! (Oh My!)

Now, I am no fan of the holiday [bleah], but, for those of you who are so inclined, here's a link to Lord Of The Rings Valentine Cards

There's also a shop link

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We're No Feart Ae You!

If Star Wars Was Set In Scotland

Link Fodder Courtesy of Redwood Dragon

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January 23, 2003

Far Corners

I've never been to Newfoundland -- yett -- but I've always loved the music and the people. Here's a few links that came down on an email list I'm on. (yes, I'm on lots of email lists!)

Yaffle & Yaffle

"Newfie" Phrases

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January 22, 2003

Blog Discovery

Due to the wonders of site meter, I discovered a great blog this evening: Reflections in D Minor

I toodled over for a visit and found Dragon's Muse linked. That's always such a nice surprise! I really appreciate it too.

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News Of Space

On of my passions is space exploration, so it was a treat to read this today. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure where the President stood on our future in space, so this was a nice surprise! One more reason I'm glad I voted for him.

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Painting A Picture

There's been a lot in the news about the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. And, as per usual, the mainstream media seems to only want to show pro-lifers as nutty whackjobs. I decided, in my own little corner of the world, to share some links to a few articles and organizations that do a pretty good job of illustrating why I'm pro-life. I'm not some drooling shrieking zealot -- as the media likes to portray us -- I'm just a regular woman, who goes to work every day and tries to quietly live her life.

I'm not looking for a fight, or an argument. I simply want to present another POV without the biased filter of an NBC, ABC, or CBS. Agree or disagree with any position, I still always want to have the fullest picture of both sides. So that's what this post is I guess, filling in the picture.

Thirty Years of Learning ~ by Frederica Mathewes-Green

Spin No More ~ by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Feminists for Life

Women Deserve Better

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January 21, 2003

On The Brain

Just show I've got the LotR movies on the brain (don't believe me? take a look at this blog!) I was looking at my Yahoo mail which is basically a spam account. There was an email with the header: How to Get Viagra Safely and Privately.

I first thought it said: How to Get Viggo Safely and Privately!!

Not that that would be bad -- as long as he doesn't talk! But as far as it goes, I'd prefer Aragorn over a dozen dopey Viggos.

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January 20, 2003

Too Funny

The link to this came down on an email list I run. I kid you not, this is a hoot!

The Ten Minute Two Towers

WARNING! Do not be consuming bevarages of any kind while reading!

A small excerpt:


SAM seasons their rabbit stew as GOLLUM watches.

GOLLUM: Ssstupid fat hobbit! Using sage in stew like thisss!

SAM: What's your problem? Sage brings out the flavor.

GOLLUM: Smeagol would use nice mix of rosemary and lavender, yess, precious.

FRODO: Hey, you guys? Something's out there in the forest.

SAM: Rosemary? Hm, maybe. But you know what WOULD be good with this, is a basic bechamel sauce with some dill.

GOLLUM: Sssimple hobbit; anyone makesss bechamel. Vichyssoise much tastier and more difficult; yes...

FRODO: Hello? Guys? Seriously, someone's coming.

SAM: Now, if you only found us some eggs, I could make crepes, wrap up the meat, drizzle the juices over it with a little bit of blackcurrant chutney...

FRODO: Hey, you guys, look! It's Martha Stewart!

GOLLUM: Where?

SAM: Where?

FRODO: Now that I have your attention, may I point out the Oliphaunt that's about to step on us?

FARAMIR: Look! Strange little men! Let's take them home.

FARAMIR blindfolds SAM and FRODO and hauls them away.

Go read it all!!

Why are you still here??

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And One More!

Geez, what am I going to blog about once RotK comes out?

Until then!!

What's titled "RotK Image"

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Those RotK Photos

Those calendar photos that have been doing the rounds? Well, they have even better copies up!

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All Is Explained

Ever wonder about Bilbo's line from his party speech about liking less than half... you remember the one!

Here's an amusing visual aid.

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RotK Countdown!

For those of us that can't wait, this site will soon have a RotK countdown clock.

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When The Lord Of The Rings & Super Bowl Collide

Very cute flash animation thingy on the Buccaneers website.

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Not Dead Yet!

Apparently, a new Scottish census will claim that Gaelic is dying. But not so fast! The outlook for Gaelic is actually quite bright, according to this article.

The census will not identify a huge increase in adults seeking lap-top learning from sources such as learndirect Scotland's internet partnership with Sabhal Mor Ostaig, the Gaelic college on Skye.

And it will not take account of the "Runrig factor" - an explosion of cultural self worth driving Gaelic into mainstream entertainment and making the language "cool" again.

That pride is reflected in the arts and television, where the current affairs programme Eorpa attracts three times more viewers than Newsnight Scotland and Speaking Our Language was watched by 100,000 more people than BBC's River City.

John Angus Mackay, the director of the Gaelic Broadcasting Committee, said: "History drove Gaelic to the margin, and 20 years ago I despaired. It was an idiosyncrasy on the edges.

"But there is a tremendous hunger for it now as Scotland finds its feet, and we examine our identity.

"In numerical terms, it is a language spoken by old people.

"The [census] figures certainly reveal fewer speakers, but not the higher proportion of the young learning Gaelic.

"In language development, they talk about 'normalisation'; that's when a language stops being an idiosyncrasy.

"Gaelic has normalised. It's going back where it came from, and where it belongs. High visibility is what's needed."

That visibility will increase. The new Gaelic Board for Scotland, which met for the first time last Friday - in Glasgow - learned that the government is committed to providing it with a broadcasting licence under the new Communications Bill, which will lead to a Gaelic television channel, a "Holy Grail" for so long.


The language may already have received the ultimate imprimatur. The burger giants McDonald's have for the first time decided to translate their brand to a "foreign" language. Their Fort William restaurant is to known as "MacDhomhnaill's".


I would really like to learn Gaelic and hope to some day. One of the real treats of a trip I made to the Isle of Lewis was hearing the language spoken by native speakers in the course of every day life. And on Skye, listening to Gaelic language programming. Maybe I'll be able to understand what they're saying one of these days!

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January 18, 2003

Release Dates

According to the information here, the release dates for all things Ringish are:

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

~Theatrical Cut DVD/Video: Late August 2003
~Extended Cut DVD/Video: November 2003

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

~Theatrical Release: Dec. 17, 2003
~Theatrical Cut DVD/Video: August 2004
~Extended Cut DVD/Video: November 2004

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Fabric Of The Rings

Want one of those Elven cloaks? Find out more here.

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The Men Of Middle Earth

I had high hopes as I began reading this article, but it's just more of the same old, same old.

When the grand gestures have been made, when the final battle fought, what then?

We know these men, of course. At least, we know the men they become. They are the ones who thrive on turmoil and great causes and the excitement of a challenge. Everyday life is not their strong suit. Without an enemy to fight, they track other quarry, looking elsewhere for the thrills of yore. It's easy to be a big man when the stakes are high. Much harder to be the guy who grinds along day after day, taking pleasure in life's small victories.

Sad to say, it seems inevitable that they'd end up going out with their old pals too often, even if all they had in common was the old days.

After a few rounds it would be all "Hey, remember when you pushed the big ladder over on to the uruk-hai? That rocked!" and "My sword is sharper than your sword." And who knows how long it would take them in the bathroom every morning to keep their hair so luscious.

This is just so unfair and so wrong! I've been fortunate to know a few Eomers and Aragorns in my life and they're fine, decent men who fought in their country's wars with valor and served in peacetime and went to on to be things like high school math teachers. Their lives aren't centered around the past, they're here in the now with their wives and families and friends.

I guess it's easier to slyly bash men, no matter how noble, than to find something good.

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FotR Easter Eggs

You can get the instructions here for the extended DVD.

Link Fodder provided by Andrea

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Update On "The Deafening Silence"

I've posted an update to my post a few days ago on the failure of Western feminism. I didn't want to keep double posting here and on Gaggle, so if you'd like to read it, the link is here.

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January 17, 2003

Po' Me

Remember I had to have my crown set and the power went off at the dentist right after they injected me? Well, I went back today to give it another shot, and the damn crown wasn't made right, so they had to put the temp back on and I get to go through this all again in three weeks. ARGH!!!

Considering the anxiety state going to the dentist puts me in, I'm seriously bummed right now.

Now I'm going to go sleep off the valium and the shots.

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January 16, 2003

The Deafening Silence

If you consider yourself a feminist, to yourself a favour and read this article that amply illustrates the total moral failure of the modern Western feminist movement. It's time we took feminism back from shame and hypocrisy -- I can't believe it was ever meant to be what it has become. We need a new Susan B. Anthony and wherever she may be, she certainly won't be found in the company of the Gloria Steinem set.

As you look at this inventory of brutality, the question bears repeating: Where are the demonstrations, the articles, the petitions, the resolutions, the vindications of the rights of Islamic women by American feminists? The weird fact is that, even after the excesses of the Taliban did more to forge an American consensus about women’s rights than 30 years of speeches by Gloria Steinem, feminists refused to touch this subject. They have averted their eyes from the harsh, blatant oppression of millions of women, even while they have continued to stare into the Western patriarchal abyss, indignant over female executives who cannot join an exclusive golf club and college women who do not have their own lacrosse teams.

Link via Little Green Footballs

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I was saddened by the death of Maurice Gibb. I've been a Bee Gees fan from way back, and I'll miss their musical presence in the future. It hit pretty close to home too, since he died of the same ailment my brother had six months ago. Reading the autopsy findings really brought home to me how lucky my brother was.

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The Reflection Of Ourselves

"The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them." ~ Thomas Merton

C & S Jen has a lovely post on love and selfishness.

Go read it!!

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January 14, 2003

Still "The Man"

If you're a skating fan, here's a nice interview with Scott Hamilton (still my favorite skater) and here's a link to something he's started called "chemocare.com". Check it out.

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January 13, 2003

On This Birthday

I've never been able to understand those that hate their own country. Lately, the news is full of the rantings of pompous, out-of-touch celebrities, poets, and academics who preach, scold, and malign us, our country, our way of life. I know that sometimes it gets me down and I wonder if I'd be happier if I wasn't informed, if I just let my eyes glaze over and believed everything Dan Rather told me on the evening news.

I think that's one of the best things about discovering blogs about a year ago -- it made me feel less isolated and more hopeful about the future. It's good to cruise around the web and find such good company. I've got to believe that the idiotarians won't prevail, I certainly pray they don't.

This latest by VDH was a perfect blog birthday gift.

I go home now :) I'm not sure this post is finished, but the call of my slippers won't be denied!

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Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

The Dragons' Muse is a year old today! I know no one cares but me, but I thought I'd share regardless.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments, and thanks to Rachel for all her technical help in moving me over to MT.

Here's to the next year!

Lil Update: See? This blog birthday post is kewl, unlike my lame one above. That's what my post wants to be when it grows up!

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January 10, 2003

Go Bye Bye

Won't be around this weekend, so everyone be good! Okay, so you don't really have to be good.

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January 9, 2003


Hildebrandt Checks (I think I'm going to get the Michael Whelan "Pern" ones though)

More information on my favorite part of the Two Towers soundtrack; the Rohan fiddle theme.

Apparently, there's been a major brouhaha over the Japanese subtitles for TTT.

Cool Gollum scene cut from TTT will be on RotK. Sounds nifty!

Okay, I held my nose and read this [g]. Very long, but very interesting interview with Viggo Mortensen.

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The Message Survives

This is one of those posts I can't decide where to put! So I'll probably end up doing a little crossposting. If you read both blogs, I apologize for the duplication.

I've mentioned reading Tom Shippey's book on Tolkien (listed over on the sidebar on the bookshelf). It's a great book, and I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants a better understanding of the man behind the books. Now, here's an article he wrote in the National Post on Tolkien the author and the movies based on his works. The essence, for me, is the excerpt below:

.... Not even Gandalf. In fact, the only thing they do know is that their fate will not, in the end, be determined by visible events but by a mostly invisible one: the stealthy crawl of three insignificant-looking characters into the lion's mouth of Mordor. The great ones and the heroes are continually trying to see what is happening elsewhere, through the palantirs and the Mirror of Galadriel and the Eye of Sauron. The attempt is repeatedly disastrous. Denethor commits suicide because of what he sees in his palantir, but he has read it wrong. As Gandalf says, "Even the wise cannot see all ends," and the really wise remember that.

The moral is, to quote Gandalf again -- and Jackson picked out just these words to repeat in the first movie, varying the pronouns cunningly -- "That [the future] is not for us to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

Tolkien surely did not mean these words just for Frodo. They were a major part of his own conviction and a part of his own cure for the defeatism, the appeasement, the lack of will and the weary calculation of odds that he saw dogging the Western democracies as he was writing The Lord of the Rings and still after he had finished it. Tolkien's achievement, it may be, was to reintroduce a heroic world view, drawn from the ancient texts he taught as a professor, to a world gone ironic.

And to finish:

Peter Jackson has inevitably built up the action scenes and straightened the tangled threads, but the message survives the change of medium. Courage is what you need after you've lost hope: Things may not be as bad as they seem. Tolkien learned that nearly 90 years ago, but it isn't obsolete yet.


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January 8, 2003

Two Towers, One Party

Well, Jen scored us tickets this afternoon to the TORN Oscar Party, so we're going! Yay! I am really looking forward to this.

Hollywood, here we come!

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A Special Young Woman

I've talked about my friend, Rachel, here before. You know I think she's pretty damn awesome. Well, if I thought she was special before, I underestimated her :) Read this post, and see if you don't agree.

Our world would be better for more Rachels in it.

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Get Yours Now!

A complete set of Lord of the Rings bobble head dolls!

(I swear, I don't make this stuff up)

(I should get the Aragorn one for Jen)

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Kitty New Year's Resolutions

My friend, Tammy, passed this on from a newsgroup she visits.

Very funny, and a little long, so hit the "more" link for all of it.

And in other cat humour, check out this at Amish Tech Support: Cat Olympics


My human will never let me eat her pet hamster, and I am at peace with that.

I will not puff my entire body to twice its size for no reason after my human has
finished watching a horror movie.

I will not slurp fish food from the surface of the aquarium.

I must not help myself to Q-tips, and I must certainly not proceed to stuff them down the sink's drain.

I will not eat large numbers of assorted bugs, then come home and puke them up so the humans can see that I'm getting plenty of roughage.

I will not lean way over to drink out of the tub, fall in, and then pelt right for
the box of clumping cat litter. (It took FOREVER to get the stuff out of my fur.)

I will not stand on the bathroom counter, stare down the hall, and growl at NOTHING after my human has finished watching The X-Files.

I will not use the bathtub to store live mice for late-night snacks.

I will not perch on my human's chest in the middle of the night and stare into her
eyes until she wakes up.

We will not play Herd of Thundering Wildebeests Stampeding Across the Plains of the Serengeti over any humans' bed while they're trying to sleep.

Screaming at the can of food will not make it open itself.

I cannot leap through closed windows to catch birds outside. If I forget this and
bonk my head on the window and fall behind the couch in my attempt, I will not get up and do the same thing again.

I will not assume the patio door is open when I race outside to chase leaves.

I will not intrude on my human's candle-lit bubble bath and singe my bottom.

I will not stick my paw into any container to see if there is something in it. If I
do, I will not hiss and scratch when my human has to shave me to get the rubber
cement out of my fur.

If I bite the cactus, it will bite back.

When it rains, it will be raining on all sides of the house. It is not necessary to
check every door.

Birds do not come from the bird feeder. I will not knock it down and try to open it
up to get the birds out.

The dog can see me coming when I stalk her. She can see me and will move out of the way when I pounce, letting me smash into floors and walls. That does not mean I should take it as a personal insult when my humans sit there and laugh.

I will not play "dead cat on the stairs" while people are trying to bring in
groceries or laundry, or else one of these days, it will really come true.

When the humans play darts, I will not leap into the air and attempt to catch them.

I will not swat my human's head repeatedly when she's on the family room floor trying to do sit ups.

When my human is typing at the computer, her forearms are *not* a hammock.

Computer and TV screens do not exist to backlight my lovely tail.

I am a walking static generator. My human doesn't need my help installing a new board in her computer.

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January 7, 2003

FotR Science Theater

This is just... odd.

Apparently, these are from a bootleg copy of Fellowship that had subtitles added. Really bad ones! Somehow, I don't think English was the subtitlers first language!

Godzilla!!! (sorry)

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The site for "The One Party" is up and tickets go on sale tomorrow. Looks like a bunch of us are going if we can get tickies! Finally, a place to wear my formal :)

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Return Of The King Pics

Check out:

Sam & Frodo

And here's a scan of the newest poster. It's in the same style as last year's Frodo & Gandalf poster.

I think I'm going to have to get this poster as well. That quote has the same emotional resonance for me as the "I wish the ring had never come to me." from last year's. I wonder what the RotK one will be?

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January 6, 2003

TORN Oscar Party?

Anyone planning on going? I know I really wanted to go last year, but couldn't, so I'm very tempted this time around! And I have a pretty nifty formal to wear too!

Tickets Go On Sale January 8th

Join TheOneRing.netand hundreds of your closest Tolkien fans as we celebrate The Two Towers on Oscar Night 2003. Tickets for this year's party, appropriately named Two Towers - One Party, will go on sale this coming Wednesday, January 8th. Stay tuned for details and the opening of the party

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Found His Niche

Adrian Paul had a guest spot on Charmed last night. I'd say that's just about his speed.

Speaking of Charmed, I never watch it often enough to know what the heck is going on, so I was wondering what happened to Cole? He was so cute, and now he's nutty and unkempt, and not in a good way!

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January 4, 2003

I Love

Something you love? Want to share? Here you go!

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The Great Debate

Aragorn not wanting to be King? Faramir and the trip to Osgiliath? Elves at Helm's Deep? Those seem to be the 'issues' when it comes to the movie version of LotR. Here's a debate on the subject.

Posted by Ith at 4:50 PM

Might Have Beens

TORN has a recap of the casting speculation prior to the Lord Of The Rings being filmed. I remember those days fondly!

Posted by Ith at 4:41 PM

Guessing Game

Some speculation on what may be included in an extended DVD version of The Two Towers

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Wasting Time

In my effort to fritter away yet more time at the computer, I bring you "The Confederacy of Ithildin".

Come visit my little nation in the middle of the Pacific!

Thanks to Nin for the link.

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Doing my bit for those on the "Negative Z List", I bring you tidings of the "Blog-a-Day Tour" going on right now.

It's a fine and scary concept.

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January 3, 2003

A Somewhat Unexpected Party

Check out the Tolkien Blogburst!

(lil update: Yahoo has a news story on the big 111)

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Happy Eleventy-First!

It's the Professor's Eleventy-First Birthday, and I thought I'd repost one of my very first blog posts from last year on what the LotR's means to me. After work, I'll try and write something new!

Thursday, January 17, 2002 My Once and Future Obsession

I feeling inspired to join in the multi-blog LotR discussion that's been going on between some friends. But I'm afraid mine doesn't have any hunky pics -- sorry Ealasaid!

I read Tolkien for the first time when I was 16 and it changed my life. I can't think of any other book that has impacted my life the way LotR has. I got the first part from the school library and devoured it. Then I got my parents to take me to the mall so I could buy the next two. While my family went on a camping trip that weekend, I stayed home and read. I remember drawing the maps, runes, and Doors of Durin and taping them to my bedroom walls. I read the entire trilogy out loud to my mum when she was bedridden.

I would, in future, read them over every year, and the Silmarillion every few years. Still an obsession, but one that was softly simmering in the background of my life. Then came news of a movie, and this one was really happening. Not like so many of the animated efforts over the years, this one was going to be a real movie. The simmering started to bubble a little more. Who would they cast? Would it be a worthy offering to all the years and all the people who had adored the books?

I waited and cruised the web looking for information. The early reports were very promising -- but still, I was hesitant to embrace the project. We got closer and closer, the first trailer came out. Oh wow! I couldn't believe how much what I was seeing on the screen matched those visions in my mind's eye. I was thrilled, but still holding back; I'd wait till I saw the movie.

Then, that day arrived! Opening night tickets in hand, we waited in line with hundreds of others, all waiting for that moment. The first time I saw the Shire, and Bag End, I cried. I was surprised at how much emotion seeing those familiar scenes -- because they really were familiar -- evoked. Sitting there those three hours brought back to me that feeling I had when I first discovered Middle Earth in the pages of a book all those years ago.

I've been to see the film three times so far, and each time I get that little shiver. Granted, there are things in the movie that I will quibble with -- most especially the way Aragorn was changed. But even adding Arwen to replace Glorfindel can't extinguish that feeling, that magic. This movie was made with love; it's obvious in almost every scene. All the little touches that are there for those of us who've loved these books over the years. I definitely plan many more trips to the cinema and will await the August 2002 release of the DVD with anticipation!

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January 2, 2003

Great Resource!

In trying to answer questions about Aragorn's lineage today (I've "been declared MyOwnPersonalLOTRExpert (On Call)" by a friend on an email list I run) I found this terrific site. It's a glossary, including family trees and migrations, for both the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings. I can tell it's goung to be indispensable!

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is my opinion on New Year's Resolutions!

(I loath New Years)


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January 1, 2003

Not The Only Tolkien Geek

I discovered this great blog, "Too Much To Dream", a few days back when the authour kindly linked to one of my Gaggle posts. (first time anyone has, so I was tickled). I've been visiting since, and not just becuase she posts more about LotR than I do!

(BTW, I think I like the Rohan music best on the new soundtrack...)

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