July 29, 2003

Halle Berry: Franchise Girl!

Three seperate bits on Halle Berry and all her genre movies...

(all from Scifi Wire)

Berry: Storm Change Due

Halle Berry, who has played Storm in two X-Men movies, told SCI FI Wire that she is lobbying for improvements in the way the character is portrayed in a proposed third film—whether she plays her again or not. "After every movie, ... the real die-hard fans come up to me, and they often say, 'Yeah, you know, Storm was OK. But she should do more. She should fly. She should fight. She should be more of what she is in the comic-book series,'" Berry said in an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Berry added, "I'm not really complaining. I'm happy to be a part of it. It's been a great franchise to be a part of. But I think the fans feel that in the comic books, she's represented as a little bit more of a leader, and she uses her powers a little bit more than just changing her eyes and doing the weather. I think they want to see her do a little more things. So, as they continue to tell me this, I continue to try to pass this along, to no avail. So that maybe the next time, Storm will be ... whether I play Storm or not ... maybe the character will get to do more of what she traditionally does in the comic books."

Berry said that she hasn't made up her mind yet about whether to reprise the role again. "No, I haven't," she said. "Simply because I haven't seen a script. I haven't been offered the third movie, you know? So I have no idea if it'll come my way or not."


Catwoman Stands Alone

Halle Berry, who is set to play the title character in a new Catwoman movie, told SCI FI Wire that the film will feature an original storyline independent of DC Comics' Batman series, from which it is drawn. "Because it really is her story of how she became Catwoman, you know, she's not just the side character in a Batman movie now," she said in an interview during Comic-Con International in San Diego. "It's really her journey. I think you'll ... maybe learn some interesting things about the character for people who don't know that much about how she came about."

Berry added, "Catwoman is Catwoman, so I think we're going to try new things with the costume. I think it'll be something that you haven't seen before."

Berry said the role carries special meaning for her. "I wasn't an avid comic-book reader," she said. "Probably Batman was the biggest one. It's something that I related to. So it's really great that now I get to be Catwoman, because ... when Eartha Kitt was Catwoman [on the 1960s Batman TV series], being a woman of color, that meant a lot to me as a kid, to see someone like me playing a character that was so universal. So ... that theme has sort of come full circle for me, now that I get to be a Catwoman for the new century. That feels really good." Catwoman begins filming on Sept. 10 in Vancouver, B.C.


Berry: Jinx Goes Forward

Halle Berry—the Oscar winner who co-starred in the last James Bond movie, Die Another Day—told SCI FI Wire that a proposed movie based on her character, Jinx, is moving forward, with a new script just completed. "We just got the script last night, the first script," Berry said in an interview July 19 at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, where she was previewing her upcoming horror film Gothika. "And I hear it's really, really good."

Berry said that Die Another Day writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade penned the Jinx script. "I've been talking to the writers about it, and they had a great idea for who she is and where she comes from, and I think it won't be like Bond," Berry said. "It's not supposed to be a female Bond. But it is very edgy, and I think we'll have elements of that humor that Bond has, because Jinx had that in the Bond movie. But it won't be as tongue-in-cheek as Bond."

Posted by Ith at July 29, 2003 6:23 PM

In one story she points out how she wants the character to be more like the comics and the next one she completely throws away the comic history...I don't understand.

I am campaigning to boycott the Catwoman movie because it is only using catwomans name; it's not about her.

Posted by: Kitten on February 3, 2004 6:31 AM

The Catwoman Movie looks awesome. Halle Berry looks great.

Posted by: Roy on June 9, 2004 8:24 AM
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