July 29, 2003

Trek's Jefferies Dies

From SciFi Wire:

Walter "Matt" Jefferies, the art director who designed the original Star Trek starship Enterprise for series creator Gene Roddenberry, died in the early hours of July 21, the official StarTrek.com Web site reported. He was 82. No cause of death was reported, but Jefferies had been battling cancer and had recently been given the all-clear by doctors, the site reported.

As an art director for the original series, Jefferies sketched and conceived of the configuration for the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and its bridge. Jefferies' career and contributions to the Trek franchise are the subject of a new documentary, recently screened at Paramount for family and friends and to be included on the forthcoming Star Trek: Generations collector's edition DVD expected next year, the TrekWeb site reported.

Jefferies was also the inspiration for the franchise's ubiquitous "Jefferies Tubes" on Trek starships. The current Trek series, UPN's Enterprise, recently paid homage to the designer with reference to a Capt. Jefferies in the second-season episode "First Flight," TrekWeb reported.

Jefferies is survived by his wife, Mary Ann.

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