July 22, 2003

Angel News

From E! Online:

A big shake-up is also in store for the WB's Angel, with the addition of Buffy's James Marsters and the departure of original castmember Charisma Carpenter. But take solace, we fans aren't the only ones who are antsy.

"I have no idea what we're doing!" the always adorable Amy Acker (Fred) squealed at the WB party. "There are new people, the hotel's gone...It feels like a new show. I called [executive producer] Joss Whedon and asked if there was anything I should be working on. He said he didn't know--they hadn't decided yet."

David Boreanaz (who's looking even more delish with longer, wavy hair) also admits he's "a little nervous" about the big changes (Marsters is in, Carpenter is out) but he's "extremely excited" about working with James again. "He brings a level of intensity I enjoy. He's passionate about his work...It will be an interesting dynamic. Hopefully, [Spike] will be my ally, but if not, I'll just have to kick the s--t out of him. I'll break out Angel's big badass boots."

David also says Mercedes McNab (Harmony) could be returning. "I don't think she'll rejoin the cast, I think she'll be a recurring character."

carpenterOf course, the show could use a little infusion of femininity after the loss of Carpenter. Though it's possible she could return for a few episodes, C.C. is no longer be a series regular, something insiders say was not her choice.

When asked about Carpenter's departure, Boreanaz would only say: "It's going to be sad not seeing her there. It's an unfortunate circumstance, and I don't know how it all unfolded. I don't think certain people were happy about it, but I'm just as clueless as anyone. I know she's happy--she's got a beautiful baby boy named Donovan. I'm really proud of her for becoming a mother."

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"I hope [Charisma] comes back for a couple of episodes," Acker added, "but I totally understand having a new baby and wanting to be a mom. I need her around because there's so much male energy on the set as it is! Someone told me there might be another girl coming on. I asked Joss today, and he didn't mention anything, so I don't know!"

Meanwhile, Whedon--who said the new set allows for an "exciting whirlwind feel," jumping from place to place la West Wing--has already spoken with Sarah Michelle Gellar about a guest spot. "I have [talked to her], and so has David," he says. "She's always been very open to the idea...but it's really about schedules. It would be great if she could do it around, hmmm, I don't know...sweeps? But she's doing Scooby-Doo, and I don't know when she'll be available."

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