An assortment of favorite links that didn't really fit anywhere else.
(and that I was too lazy to create webpages for)

Asheville, NC
See why I'm planning on it being my new home town.

Mountain Springs
And if you're visiting Asheville, this is the place to stay.

Celtic wares for your enjoyment.

Southwest Inn at Sedona
A great place to stay if you're visiting beautiful Sedona, AZ.

Bryce Canyon Natl. Park
One of my favorite places.

Lorin's Left-handedness Site
Yes, I'm a lefty -- and proud of it!

SF-lovers Convention Listing
If you're looking for a con anywhere in the world, you'll probably find it here.

Sci-fi Sea Cruises
Yearly science fiction themed cruises. Small, lots of fun.

mIRC Home Page
The best client for IRC

Celtic Routes
This is an online magazine and reference site.

Jayne's Art Gallery
You just have to look for yourself!

And last, but not least: The Dead Doctors Don't Lie Official Site
One day I hope to have my own Dr Wallach site. But until then, check out the official site.

I was introduced to Dr Wallach and his products by a co-worker. I was skeptical. But, he is as much a skeptic as I am, and he told me of his own personal experiences. And those of family members and friends. So, I read the books, listened to the radio show, checked out the research and studies he used. Then I tried the 'pig arthritis formula' myself and got my mum on it.  Wow! You couldn't pry me away from the stuff now -- it's made that much of a difference.  I only wish I'd heard about him years ago.  If you have any questions about my experience, please feel free to email me. I love the opportunity to share the wellness that I've stumbled across. If, after visiting the site, you decide to try the products, tell them that 004 84 7901 referred you. Then when you get your number, you have the people you refer use your number. I know, it sounds like snake oil. But it's just common sense really. Every day some new study is released about selenium or folic acid, etc. -- with results that Dr. Wallach has been talking about for years! On the official site you can get your questions answered and listen to a few of his radio shows via RealAudio. There is information on diabetes, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, MS, ADD, arthritis, and a host of other degenerative ailments. Check it out!


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