It's in the Details
Here you will find the nitty gritty of 'Dragonstone Moor'

About the names.  'Dragonstone Moor' was so named because I love dragons and standing stones. The other names, like 'Ithildin Wood' and 'Tindomerel Keep' are Elvish from J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings', my all time favorite books.  'Ithildin' is my virtual persona, and means 'Moonstar'.  'Tindomerel' means  'Daughter of Twilight'. Seemed fitting, especially as twilight is my favorite time of the day.

The graphics -- with the exception of the SciFi Sea Cruise photo index pages -- were created by "Ithildin's Webwhimsies", which would be me.  When I set out to replace my old website, I decided I was going to do it all myself this time. At times, I thought I'd bitten off more than I could chew -- but it's now a reality.  If you happen to 'borrow' any of my graphics, please link back to me. That would be kewl.  Most of the pages have one of my logos, so you can snag one of those while you're at it.

Almost all the graphics were created with Paintshop Pro.  The standing stone picture on the front page was created with Bryce.

I had lots of help and inspiration that was invaluable. Thanks to the Ninjababe for helping me when I ran into an HTML wall and for naming the food page: "Gastric Anomalies".  And thanks to Pete for scanning all my pics and for technical assistance on graphics creation.

A special 'thank you' to Mardi at 'Webgraphics on a Budget'. I would never have gotten this far without her wonderful tutorials.

If you want to see 'real' webgraphics -- that are more like works of art -- then I can direct you to two great sites.  '7 Rings Graphics' is one. Kelly's creations are truly beautiful and she's a really sweet person. She took the time to email me and encourage me in my quest to create my own graphics. And she's still encotaging me as I learn more and try and get better at this. Thanks, Kelly! The second site is 'Jaguarwoman Webdesign'. Her stuff is just plain cool! Check out her 'excesses' page.

Now that I've gotten started, I'm really enjoying creating  graphics.  Some folks like them enough that they've asked me to do graphics for their websites -- which is just odd!  But, if you'd like to take a look, just follow the links below.

The Killing Dance

Hetskateer Headquarters

Coming soon:  The Christopher Judge Fan Club


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