The Founders
No, we're not changelings. We're the creators of the Anti-Gooshers faction.

Ninjababe, Creator of the word and destroyer of Goosher nests 

This pint-sized raccoon ninja can fight off a horde of sugar thieves with one paw tied behind her back, and hunts down gooshers with ease of practice.

Ithildin, Enforcer of Good Taste and Proper Manners 

This elf sometimes transforms into a dragon to roast those who dare to make tea in a cup. It should be mentioned that Ithildin iskeeper of the comfy chair, and is an expert at its usage.

Bunnygal, Duchess of Double Entendre and Grand High Inquisitor 

Don't let this bunny's looks fool you. She's a killer, and she'll stop at nothing to get information.

GloTac, Galactic Disseminator of Information and Holder of All That is Fiberoptic 

This satellite can hack into any security and communication system created, making it impossible for gooshers to keep the objects oftheir obsessions captive for long.

The First
Those who, upon learning of the creation of the Sacred order of Anti-Gooshers, leaped forth and joined the holy quest during the first days of inception.


A wolf in goosher's clothing, Brinna sniffs out Goosher nests, infiltrates them, then reports their locations via Glotac so they can be targeted and destroyed. (When she's not on in a privateconversation with GloTac about all and sundry, that is.)

Tink Tink

Using her delicate looks to the fullest advantage, this fairy is an expert at infiltrating Goosher nests.


An excellent tracker, she helps in the hunt against the dread Gooshers, usually fighting alone.

The Operatives
Those on the fore-front of the fight for Anti-Gooshiness...

Pink Floyd said it best: "Mama do you think she's dangerous?" (and boy did Pink know how to brood!)  DG enjoys feeding Gooshers to her dragon, Henry, oiling her loin-cloth, andpracticing the art of fireballing. 

Illinois Roberts
Illinois Roberts

From the exotic Midwest to the wilds of Tibet, Illinois confronts danger at every turn as she travels the waterways of the world in her search for Gooshers to <thwap with hertrusty whip.

Novella, Mistress of Pages

She who uses her amazing knowledge of literature and language to stalk and kill her prey, armed with large novels, pointed sarcasm, and massive mugs of coffee...

Seagulls Moo

An expert in in the traits of the Wild Goosher.

The Unwashed Masses

These are Anti-Goosher members who are part of our organization, but have not passed the test to become an operative. They are not listed on the webpage. But, as soon as they past the gruelling basic training to become an operative, they will be added to the rolls.

(No, really... it’s members of the group that are on the email list but have yet to give the webpage maintainer a picture, code-name, and description for the page.)

Do you have what it takes to be a Anti-Goosher? Just follow the link below to the initiate section of this site to find out.

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