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A real honey badger Why the honey badger? 

Well, a group of Anti-Gooshers were spending a quiet evening talking on IRC and watching Africam at the same time. We looked at the animal guide the site provides so you can tell what animals a viewer is seeing. 

The description of the honey badger was perfect!  "A formidable and fearless fighter, the honey-badger is avoided by all and sundry, including lions. It has a disconcerting habit of attacking the groin region of any target unfortunate enough to have incurred its wrath." --Africam

A brief introduction to the honey badger:

A honey badger is named for its love of honey, not its disposition. In fact, honey badgers could be one of the most ill-tempered creatures in Africa. They'll attack anything that they feel threatens them, including humans and even buffalo. Honey badgers are very intelligent and sneaky, and it has been reported that honey badgers go after the genitalia of the animal they're attacking.

Honey badgers are carnivorous creatures, eating mostly rodents, lizards, and insects, but are known to follow birds that know the location of beehives.

Also known as ratels, Honey badgers are solitary and nomadic, making it hard for researchers to study them. They live in almost the whole continent of Africa, parts of the Middle East, and India, but are rarely seen, which makes them considered to be threatened, maybe even endangered.

The majority of the information above came from a Discovery Online article, which can be found by going to the links page.

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