So, you want to join the holy order of the Anti-Goosher, do you? Well, we have a rigorous and gruelling iniation period set up for all potiential members. You must complete all the tasks listed to become an Anti-Goosher.
  •  Find an African swallow and follow it's migration to Europe.
  • Build a 1:3 replica of the great pyramid of Giza.
  • Run naked through one of Sunnydale's 23 cemetaries.
  • Sing 'The Scotsman' to Duncan MacLeod- sober.
  • Test your blood sugar in front of Nick Knight and live through the angst and guilt he'll pour out.
  • Test your blood sugar in front of LaCroix... and live through the experience.



    All iniation rites are created by Anti-Goosher members. Any member may suggest a rite to add to the list, and many have done so.

    No, really... All you need to do is send an e-mail to the address below. It would be helpful if you already have a picture and codename picked out, but we'll be happy to help you choose something...

    Once you've joined our hallowed ranks, you can proudly display our spiffy logo on your webpage.

    Anti-Gooshers logo

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