The following are the current object of Goosher obsession. We give pictures, the tv show the character is from, and a brief description of the character.
Duncan MacLeod
Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod
Highlander: The Series 

Duncan is a 400+ year old immortal from the Highlands of  Scotland. His excellent sword work and high code of honor are  major reasons he's lived so long. 

He's not undead, but he's died and came back, so we decided  that's good enough. That, along with the fact that he broods over  almost everything, means that he definitely qualifies as a  gooshee.

Played by Adrian Paul

Nick Knight  
Nick Knight
Forever Knight 

This 800 year old vampire is searching for a way to become  human again while working as a the night shift for the Toronto police department as a homicide cop. 

Well, vampires are the epitome of  undead, and he definitely broods.  

Played by Geraint Wyn Davies

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the Series, Angel: The Series 

A 244 year old vampire burdened with a soul who is now working with the good guys (AKA the Slayer, a young woman named Buffy, who happens to be his love) to stop others of his kind and the forces of evil in general. 

The fact that Angel has a soul gives him plenty to be depressed and broody about. He feels guilty for all the things he did before his soul returned to his body via a gypsy curse.

Played by David Boreanaz

La Femme Nikita 

Michael is a 'Level 5' operative for Section One, one of the most covert anti-terrorist groups in the world. Level 5 means he's high on the totem, maybe only one step from being the head of the Section. 

A human, he nevertheless belongs in this list. Michael has shown almost no emotion in the last three years. And, the emotion he does show, seems to be nothing but brooding.

Played by Roy Dupuis

Richard Ryan
Highlander: The Series 

Richard Ryan is an Immortal, the same as Duncan MacLeod. In fact, Duncan was Richie's teacher. 

This young immortal will always be a teenager, even after reaching the age of a few hundred or more. Of course, according
to an episode of the series of Highlander, Richie was killed, but there is a growing number of people out there who don't believe it. We'll leave it to the viewers to decide for themselves. 

Being a teenager forever is enough in itself to turn Richie into an angst-machine. Also, while Duncan was his teacher, he seemed to pick up some of Duncan's brooding tendencies.

Played by Stan Kirsch

Ezekiel Stone

Description sooner or later

Played by Peter Horton

Those that don't qualify as Gooshees for one reason or another, but get Gooshed upon anyway.

Highlander: The Series 

This 5000+ year old Immortal definitely doesn't brood. He's seen it all, he's done it all. From being the personification of death to being a graduate student. 

He fits the 'died and came back' requirement of being a Gooshee, but since he isn't an angst-magnet, he can't be a true Gooshee. However, he is definitely gooshed over.

Played by Peter Wingfield

Forever Knight 

LaCroix is 2000 years old, and a master vampire. He delights in thwarting Nick, his 'child', in his senseless quest for mortality. 

LaCroix satisfies the undead portion of a Gooshee, but he doesn't angst. He revels in his vampirism. 

Played by Nigel Bennett

The X-Files 

Fox Mulder is a FBI profiler in charge of the X-Files, a section of the Bureau that investigates cases involving the  paranormal. 

Mulder isn't a member of the undead (Even though, with the cases he investigates, that could possibly happen sometimes soon...), but he qualifies for the angsty requisite of being a Gooshee. Oh boy, does he. Between mulling over his sister's abduction when he was a child, and angsting over his lack of progress in proving a government conspiracy, he definitely gets quite broody.

Played by David Duchovney

Admiral Chegwidden
AJ Chegwidden

Admiral Chegwidden is head of the JAG department of the navy (JAG = Judge Advacote General). 

He doesn't angst or brood, and he's definately still alive, yet he gets gooshed over quite a bit. 

Played by John M. Jackson

Walter Skinner

Assistant Director Walter Skinner is Fox Mulder's direct superior. Sometimes he helps Mulder in his quest, and 
sometimes he seems to hinder. 

No real brooding from this man, all though he does have a few moments. 


Played by Mitch Pileggi

Jim Ellison
Jim Ellison
The Sentinel 

A solitary stint in the Peruvian jungle turned Jim Ellison's senses hyper-aware. Using his skills to solve crime in 
Cascade, Washington, where he works as a detective in the Major Crimes division. 

He broods, but he's human. His enhanced senses makes him believe that he should be able to help everyone, and when that doesn't happen, it causes him to angst. Being a human being stops him from being a full Gooshee however.

Played by Richard Burgi

Blair Sandburg Blair Sandburg
The Sentinel 

Blair Sandburg, graduate student and Cascade's expert on Sentinels, helps Jim Ellison control his wayward senses and stop criminals. 

Blair sometimes broods, but he's not a big brooder. But, he has come back from the dead. And, he definately causes gooshers everywhere from fainting at the sight of a slightly unbuttoned shirt.

Played by Garrett Maggart

Benton Fraser
Benton Fraser
due South 

This Canadian Mountie is stationed to the Consulate in Chicago, where he helps local detective Ray Vecchio in solving crime. 

Fraser doesn't really brood, and he's allive, so he can't be a Gooshee. But, he does get gooshed over.

Played by Paul Gross

Rupert Giles Rupert Giles
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

Giles works as a high school librarian by day (Well, until he blew the library up, that is), and the Watcher to the slayer by night. 

If only all of our high school librarians were this cute... Ooops! Sorry about that... <ahem>. While he isn't undead, he does brood a bit, and when he discovers a mistake he's made, Giles isn't above beating himself up for it. So, he's been given honorary Gooshee status.

Played by Anthony Stewart Head

Spike, aka William the Bloody 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

He's undead, he broods when he's drunk, but the majority of the time, he's the lovable homicidal maniac we all know and adore. 


Played by James Marsters

Lord of the Rings 

He's an elf, need we say more. Oh yes, we do. He's the  prince of the wood elves, he's got killer aim, and woah 
momma! what a babe! <THWAP!>

Ow! Sorry... I'll behave...

Played by Orlando Bloom

Lord of the Rings 

He's scruffy, he's broody, he kicks ass with that sword (How many do you know that can take on five Nazgul and win?)


Played by Viggo Mortensen

Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl 

He was undead for a bit, but this man definitely does not brood.

But, boy is he gooshable! Even anti-gooshers have been known to goosh over him (Only for a short time though before getting thwapped)

A pirate who loves rum, his ship, and being crazy.


Played by Johnny Depp

William Turner
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl 

He hasn't died, but does he brood! And, they did think he was dead...

He's a blacksmith... Pirate... No! Blacksmith! Pirate! Wait... Then again...


Played by Orlando Bloom

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