"What is an anti-goosher?", you may ask, and well you should.  Well, our group is opposed to gooshers, obviously enough, so let us start by defining our terms for all of you.

Gooshers are typically (but not always) teenagers who drool unbecomingly (and usually not in words of intelligent commentary) over one or more gooshees.

Gooshees are the angstsy undead so popular these days, or anyone else who is nearly dead, or formerly dead, and full of angst and/or brooding and/or guilt.  Gooshess are usually (though not exclusively) good-looking (and many can be identified by what is commonly called "broodingly handsome good looks").  Note that the faction retains its rights as the sole definer of who is and is not a gooshee in those cases where disputes arise, although we do tend to somewhat liberal definitions of our terms, and thus expect that most disputes can be handled by means of arbitration.

-- Definition written by Anti-Goosher founder, GloTac

Are you a Goosher?

Here's a simple test.

  • Have you ever said 'He's shirtless! Rewind the last three seconds! Ooooo! He's shirtless! Rewind again!'?

  • Have you ever declared that you were going to have a character's child?



    If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, you're a goosher and we're out to stop your evil influence on the world.

    If you've answered 'no' to all the above questions, and the questions actually made you laugh or disgusted, then it's possible that you are an Anti-Goosher. Go to the initiate page to find out what you need to do to be initiated into our sacred order.

    More questions as we discover more character traits of the wild Goosher.

    The Anti-Goosher motto:

    Nothing like a bite to the genitalia to stop someone from gooshing
    -- Motto created by Anti-Goosher Founder, Bunnygal

    Other Anti-Goosher Sayings

    The best part of waking up, is buffalo genitalia in your cup.

    (it has to do with our mascot... click on the mascot link to find out more!)
    We have nothing against admiring a fine male specimen, it's the unseemly displays of gooshing that we're dedicated against.

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